Puppy Journals: We are getting a dog?

You can probably gather from my article that we are getting a puppy! This series of articles can inform you of his journey and progress, as well as illustrate the logistics of owning and training a puppy.

You are always told that a pet is for life. Our previous pet, Sycamore  was until he passed earlier this year. At first we did not want another pet, but it felt odd with one less member of the family.

Some of our family had always wanted a dog and she would drop hints. A few members needed more convincing than others, but eventually they agreed to it

To our luck, one of my parents friends breeds black labs and good news arrived in the form of four black lab puppies. Three of these puppies were born in close time, with the fourth remaining in the womb for an extra three days – Hence the name “Wedgy”.

Otters four adorable puppies

We were delighted to find out that Wedgy was still available and we jumped on the opportunity. We have been sent photos of the puppy on  a daily basis and little Wedgy looked adorable with a cute baby face and a smaller body than his siblings.

We have started to prepare for our new arrival and  have bought all the toys and booked all the dog training sessions. Family discussions concerning  the dog have been taking place all week including the right way to crate train the dog and where he is allowed to roam.

Doggie supplies!

Recently we visited Wedgy in Bristol and got a chance to see him in the flesh. They climbed on top of us and chewed our shoelaces, before falling asleep in the most adorable positions.

Wedgy Sleeping

We collect Wedgy next weekend and the realisation that we are getting a dog is now getting more vivid.

That’s it for this week! Keep up with Wedgy’s progress with the my upcoming article  – “Puppy Journals: The Collection”.





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