Reality meets Virtual Life

This craze has swept the UK after its release on Wednesday 13th this year. Everyone is now obsessed with the new app and reliving their childhood dream of Pokémon Emerald on your Gameboy and DS.

But what exactly is it? Well the Pokémon Company and Nintendo have created and launched a new app that can locate Pokémon while on the go.

Your GPS and location on your phone can track your movements and allow you to follow routes in the search for Pokémon. You can find and catch Pokémon with Pokeballs and develop your collection in your Pokedex.

In order to download the game, you need a Gmail account and  to agree for Pokémon to use your location, GPS and access to your email for any promotional content.
It has been applauded by many who say that it can get children and adults walking more regularly. Despite this, the NSPCC stated that it can put children in danger and help lure children into certain places. Only recently  numbers of users got trapped in a cave due to the game. The app has also been banned from locations such as the Holocaust as it was seen as disrespectful, with visits being unrelated to the victims.

Pokemon found and placed in inappropriate places

In my opinion, I really like the idea and find I can relive my childhood! I am not addicted to it yet but I think that it is a bit of fun. Many organisations such as the Church of England are opening their doors to Pokémon Go users as “Pokestops”. It’s getting people together and developing community between organisations and residents. The main tip I would say is to be safe but have fun!


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