Puppy Journals: The Collection

We made our way to his home in Bristol and our minds were wondering. We had not owned a dog before so we didn’t know what to expect. Nor did we know how he would cope on the journey back.

We parked in the drive and were greeted with equal enthusiasm. We saw Wedgy with his sister Ginny and Otters sad face. I just hoped that she was happy with what was going on.

We were given information about his vaccinations and feeding times. They were given their last chance to run in their garden and feed until we prepped the travel crate and take him home.

He was so hyper – running around and getting distracted very easily. I just hoped that he would tire himself out and fall asleep quickly in the car.

After receiving lots of food and placing him gently in the crate, we were ready to go.

dog crate 2
Wedgy in the crate

We set off at 1.00 pm to Newcastle with a cute and winey puppy. At first he was vocal, but eventually after playing with Phillis, he fell asleep. This repeated a few times throughout our journey.

I started to get the giggles a few times as his wines started as cute barks and ended as a laughing sound. Wedgy definitely entertained us on the way back.

We stopped once for sandwiches and to check if he was ok.

We tried to follow advice in our puppy book by not giving him too much attention when he was scared. It was hard and it sounds quite mean but we had to refrain from petting and talking to him.

Overall the journey was nice. Little Wedge was well behaved and with little traffic, we were back home by 6.00 pm. We all helped play and entertain the dog to help him get used to his new surroundings.


We stuck to the advice we were given by Emma and found that by the end of the day, Wedgy had settled in well. Not only had he been good on journey but he had also had warmed to the family and put himself to bed gradually . We are so proud of him. It has been a very good day.

We will let you know about his progress in the next article – Puppy Journals: Home Sweet Home.


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