Puppy Journals: Home Sweet Home

Wedgy has adjusted well to his new life since his arrival on Saturday. It has been a culture shock for all of the family as we are all responsible for caring for him. Our routine board has helped and we can now keep track of his feeding times and make note of his last wee and poo, and his socialisation tally.

Routine board to track his progress

I thought it would be a lot harder, but he is a good boy. He is doing his business outside with little mess in the house.

He is also enjoying life to the full and going outside regularly. We have to distract him with his toys so he does not chase the bunny! Luckily there is wire dividing them. Wedgy has however got used to Smudge and now bothers him less, instead he decides to eat Smudge’s little parcels on the grass.

Wedgy playing with on of his toys

Exciting news is that he can now feel confident going up and down small stairs. He is only small (for now) so we keep him off bigger steps in case he damages his joints

All this activity is making him tired so he sleeps most of the day in the most adorable positions. It sounds bad, but I sometimes forget we have a dog, as he is so quiet.

Catching up on his sleep after active days of feeding and playing 

He also went to the vet for his first trip out and he was very well behaved . The vet described him as a “Cutie” and invited him for another checkup tomorrow.

dog vet
Wedgy at the vet: His first trip out!

Wedgy has also been visited by friends and cousins, and he has been petted in closer contact. He did well and liked the attention.

Cousins petting and giving the dog attention

One thing I would say is that he can put his teeth on you, especially if you put your arm in front of his mouth. He thinks that it is a toy and although he does no damage, this is just one thing that socialisation will bring out.

So much happens in one week but its too much to write down. I will keep you informed through this blog – keep reading!




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