Puppy Journals: Growing Fast

It is safe to say that Wedgy is now a big part of our lives. We revolve our day partly around him and make sure that he is always looked after. We make use of time when he is asleep so we can do our errants. We also put hum in his crate when we want to go out. He likes to sleep in there anyway so he is very easy to deal with.

He is growing so fast, that soon we will be unable to pick him up and carry him. He likes to climb and bite things now – legs, shoes, arms, chairs you name it. He is also too young to train at the moment so we just have to try and distract him with toys. Sometimes that fails  though, as a pair of baggy jeans or laced shoes are more intriguing than his small collection of dog toys.


He also met another dog last week and was handled it well. He did his usual sniffing and Toby just sat there, allowing it. They had a lovely play around and little Wedgy was out for the count for the rest of the night.

Wedgy recently got out to explore another new room in the house, despite our efforts to stop him. He’s always eager to discover more of the house when the  kitchen door opens – he pokes his head in between your ankles in the hope that you will move and give him space to get through.  Saying that, he is very clever too and has sussed out how to get extra playtime outside – he likes to sniff the floor and any dog owners know that sniffing is a sign that they want to do their business.

Despite all this, he is adorable and I’m so happy that we have him. He makes me smile every day and  he is always does funny things, like fight with the bin.






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