Breakfast at the Boston Tea Party

I have been visiting friends in Bristol for Work Experience and while I was here I took the opportunity to visit Leah in Bath. We enjoyed time shopping and treated ourselves to breakfast.

We could have gone anywhere in Bath, however it has been a tradition that we go to the Boston Tea Party. In the past, the Boston Tea Party has been very chilled out and relaxed. Located in a less busy part of town, it was probably the quickest food we could get on a sunday morning. The staff have always been so welcoming and attentive, giving it a homely feel.

We arrived after a lie in at 1.30 (early afternoon) and sat close to the door at a little yellow table for two. We were equally struggling on what to get – “The Boss”, Eggs Florentine  or Eggs on Toast.

Eventually we decided and ordered at the bar.We picked the Blueberry Pancakes and The Salmon and Cream Cheese Bagel. We also ordered the Chai Latte and Chai Tea.  I don’t drink Chai Latte regularly so it tastes even better when it is well made!

The bar at the Boston Tea Party
Blueberry Pancakes (top) and Cream Cheese and Salmon Bagels

(Sorry for the fuzzy photo!)

We chatted for a bit and then our food arrived – 15 minutes after we ordered it. Despite them saying that there was a 25 minute wait,  we were still served promptly, with our drinks arriving moments later.

Our food was delicious and lasted as long and it could, whilst still savouring the taste.

At this point we were both hungry so we did not spend hours eating. We finished our meal and and sipped our hot drinks in between conversations.

As we paid at the till, we could just leave after our meal. We were all full and satisfied with our meal, ready to face the day.

Based on this meal, I would recommend the Boston Tea Party to any visitor or resident.

For more information on their locations and full menu or prices, go to their website.

Bye for now 🙂


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Rio Olympics: Final week GB medal update

Well it’s all over and we have had the best Olympic games since our host games in 2012. We have not only beaten our prediction of 46 medals, but we have won more medals than our London 2012 host games. We have also finished 2nd behind the USA and front of China! We gathered a total of 67 medals.

Rio medal progress table
Our Rio medals (green) echoed and if not, beat the daily medals won in London 2012 (red) – BBC 

Its so hard to keep track of medals especially when they pour in so fast! Do not worry. Here is the round-up for week two (day eight – fifteen).

 Day 8  

Day 9

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Day 10

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Day 11

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Day 13

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Chris Langridge and Marcus Ellis bronze badminton day 13
Marcus Ellis and Chris Langridge with their bronze medal for the Badminton Men’s Doubles

Day 14

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Day 15

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I am proud to be British – congratulations to all of the athletes! They have shown how great Great Britain really is!

Bye for now 🙂



Puppy Journals: First time for everything

So it has been 4 weeks since we got him, and one week since his last vaccination. It was his first time for many things too… his first walk and his first puppy training session. I was unsure on how either would pan out.

First Walk

He got his lead on fine and we were nearly outside the front door. He got a bit anxious from there; I guess that going on his first walk is like seeing a new world. He had never seen cars before, never really had so much land to explore and understandably he was a bit weary.

Although we practised walking by holding a treat by our side in order to encourage him to walk beside us, it was more difficult in reality. He kept stopping to sit, as if waiting for us to give him a treat. Very clever dog.

(I apologise for the poor camera quality)

He did a good try and we went up the road and back. It will all come in time. Soon we can take him out in fields and run beside him, taking him off his lead. But until then, he is still young and needs time to adjust. I mean look at him?

Dog no shame
Wedgy having a well deserved rest after his walkies

First Puppy Training

  1. What it was like when we walked in?

It was nerve wracking because none of us knew what to expect. When we parked, we saw lots of puppy dog breeds including Chihuahuas and Pugs. They were all slightly frazzled by the presence of lots of dogs.

2. How welcoming where they?

It was nice to see that we were not the only owners who had a puppy to train. Many had the same issues with biting and jumping up.

3. What did we do?

We sat down in a circle and a lady and told us about dog behaviour – ways to effectively train and combat any issues. She provided dog treats when we all ran out. We didn’t bring as much as we really needed.

4. Did Wedgy comply with them?

He was very good and was one of the best behaved dogs in the class. he was really good with the training but found that when required to interact with dogs, got scared and hesitant. He should be more used to it the next time and be better.

5. Was it enjoyable?

It was so fun to go to and to see other dogs do the ticks too. Meeting other dog owners was nice as we all had this in common and could talk over it.

First Trip to Pets at Home

He also had a trip to Pets at Home and we got him his first harness. He looks slightly ruffled and looks like he has grown a beard.

wedge harness.jpg
Slightly ruffled Wedgy in his new harness


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Rio Olympics: Week Update

It has been a great week for GB with matching success from London 2012. We have so many more to come, but here are the current GB Olympic Medallists:

Day 2

Adam Peaty
Adam Peaty – Gold in the 100m Breaststroke

Day 3

Day 4

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Day 5

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Chris Froom bronze time trial.jpg
Chris Froom – Bronze in the Time Trial

Day 6

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Day 7

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The GB Dressage team (Charlotte Dujardin, Carl Hester and Laura Bechtolsheimer) get silver



Rio 2016: Super Saturday Motivation!

I have been watching the Rio Olympics all week. I have been blown away by the array of talent in GB. I feel especially proud to be British and find myself nearly tearing up when we are on the medals podium. I look at the athletes faces and I wonder how much they have had to sacrifice in order to get to where they are.
usain bolt.jpg
Usain Bolt in his best event – 100m sprint 
I wonder how hard they work everyday in order to qualify for the Olympics, let alone get a medal. The determination they have is a real lesson for us.
“It teaches us that we can do anything as long as we be level and work hard”.
Just using this mentality in our daily lives can not only make us better, but allow us to achieve more than we ever imagined. Whether it is overcoming a difficult problem or lifting extra weights at the gym
be super.jpg
So readers remember..  make everyday super!
Bye for now 🙂

Puppy Journals: Good Boy!

Well this week Wedgy has really behaved and apart from biting legs and being playful, he is exactly like any other puppy. He is also so much bigger, doubled in size since his last vet visit four weeks ago.


However it was his time for his second vaccination today at the vet! It’s so exciting as a week after his vaccination, he can start puppy training and go for walks! Apparently puppy training is really fun but I just hope that Wedge will behave and not be a hooligan!

I can now admit that I am a dog person. Although I like cats, since getting wedge, I can’t imagine why we didn’t get him earlier! If you are reading this and are thinking of getting a dog and or not really sure, then I hope this helps:

Reasons to get a dog:

  • They are fun to bring up and can make your day!
  • They are your new best friend!
  • They can help increase visitors to our home – why not have a welcome home party or celebrate their birthday with friends and family!
  • After he has been fully vaccinated, you can take him out and about. People will also stop and say hello!

Reasons to not get a dog:

  • They cost money to train and entertain – puppy training, toys and crates.
  • They need time and attention – from all members of your family

Bye for now!