Puppy Journals: Good Boy!

Well this week Wedgy has really behaved and apart from biting legs and being playful, he is exactly like any other puppy. He is also so much bigger, doubled in size since his last vet visit four weeks ago.


However it was his time for his second vaccination today at the vet! It’s so exciting as a week after his vaccination, he can start puppy training and go for walks! Apparently puppy training is really fun but I just hope that Wedge will behave and not be a hooligan!

I can now admit that I am a dog person. Although I like cats, since getting wedge, I can’t imagine why we didn’t get him earlier! If you are reading this and are thinking of getting a dog and or not really sure, then I hope this helps:

Reasons to get a dog:

  • They are fun to bring up and can make your day!
  • They are your new best friend!
  • They can help increase visitors to our home – why not have a welcome home party or celebrate their birthday with friends and family!
  • After he has been fully vaccinated, you can take him out and about. People will also stop and say hello!

Reasons to not get a dog:

  • They cost money to train and entertain – puppy training, toys and crates.
  • They need time and attention – from all members of your family

Bye for now!





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