Puppy Journals: First time for everything

So it has been 4 weeks since we got him, and one week since his last vaccination. It was his first time for many things too… his first walk and his first puppy training session. I was unsure on how either would pan out.

First Walk

He got his lead on fine and we were nearly outside the front door. He got a bit anxious from there; I guess that going on his first walk is like seeing a new world. He had never seen cars before, never really had so much land to explore and understandably he was a bit weary.

Although we practised walking by holding a treat by our side in order to encourage him to walk beside us, it was more difficult in reality. He kept stopping to sit, as if waiting for us to give him a treat. Very clever dog.

(I apologise for the poor camera quality)

He did a good try and we went up the road and back. It will all come in time. Soon we can take him out in fields and run beside him, taking him off his lead. But until then, he is still young and needs time to adjust. I mean look at him?

Dog no shame
Wedgy having a well deserved rest after his walkies

First Puppy Training

  1. What it was like when we walked in?

It was nerve wracking because none of us knew what to expect. When we parked, we saw lots of puppy dog breeds including Chihuahuas and Pugs. They were all slightly frazzled by the presence of lots of dogs.

2. How welcoming where they?

It was nice to see that we were not the only owners who had a puppy to train. Many had the same issues with biting and jumping up.

3. What did we do?

We sat down in a circle and a lady and told us about dog behaviour – ways to effectively train and combat any issues. She provided dog treats when we all ran out. We didn’t bring as much as we really needed.

4. Did Wedgy comply with them?

He was very good and was one of the best behaved dogs in the class. he was really good with the training but found that when required to interact with dogs, got scared and hesitant. He should be more used to it the next time and be better.

5. Was it enjoyable?

It was so fun to go to and to see other dogs do the ticks too. Meeting other dog owners was nice as we all had this in common and could talk over it.

First Trip to Pets at Home

He also had a trip to Pets at Home and we got him his first harness. He looks slightly ruffled and looks like he has grown a beard.

wedge harness.jpg
Slightly ruffled Wedgy in his new harness



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