Breakfast at the Boston Tea Party

I have been visiting friends in Bristol for Work Experience and while I was here I took the opportunity to visit Leah in Bath. We enjoyed time shopping and treated ourselves to breakfast.

We could have gone anywhere in Bath, however it has been a tradition that we go to the Boston Tea Party. In the past, the Boston Tea Party has been very chilled out and relaxed. Located in a less busy part of town, it was probably the quickest food we could get on a sunday morning. The staff have always been so welcoming and attentive, giving it a homely feel.

We arrived after a lie in at 1.30 (early afternoon) and sat close to the door at a little yellow table for two. We were equally struggling on what to get – “The Boss”, Eggs Florentine  or Eggs on Toast.

Eventually we decided and ordered at the bar.We picked the Blueberry Pancakes and The Salmon and Cream Cheese Bagel. We also ordered the Chai Latte and Chai Tea.  I don’t drink Chai Latte regularly so it tastes even better when it is well made!

The bar at the Boston Tea Party
Blueberry Pancakes (top) and Cream Cheese and Salmon Bagels

(Sorry for the fuzzy photo!)

We chatted for a bit and then our food arrived – 15 minutes after we ordered it. Despite them saying that there was a 25 minute wait,  we were still served promptly, with our drinks arriving moments later.

Our food was delicious and lasted as long and it could, whilst still savouring the taste.

At this point we were both hungry so we did not spend hours eating. We finished our meal and and sipped our hot drinks in between conversations.

As we paid at the till, we could just leave after our meal. We were all full and satisfied with our meal, ready to face the day.

Based on this meal, I would recommend the Boston Tea Party to any visitor or resident.

For more information on their locations and full menu or prices, go to their website.

Bye for now 🙂


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