Film Review: Bridget Jones’s Baby (Spoiler Alert!)

Bridget Jones’s Baby was released on the 16th September in all good cinemas.

What is it about?

The film is 12 years on from the original Bridget Jones’s Dairy. The plot includes some of regular (but partly older) characters such as  Renee Zellweger (Bridget Jones) and Colin Firth (Mark Darcey) with a new man in Marks way ( Patrick Dempsey as Jack Qwant). Her memorable friends are also there to help advise Bridget as she faces her life struggles. 

Since her previous film, Bridget has moved on and was doing well in her television career. 5 years have passed since her break up from Mark Darcey. It all seems good but Bridget always faces a few challenges (a bit like all of us)!

She was still single and many things happened. When all was going well, a hiccup occurred and she was left with a difficult dilemma.

With all her ups and downs though, she always gets her man… this movie was no different. As you’d expect, she was faced with two jealous and equally georgous men fighting over her. But who won in the end? #DefinitelyJack or #DefinitelyMark?

What did I think of the plot?

The plot was representative to what some women have gone through. I’m sure that they will find this relatable and understand the dilemma that Bridget experienced.

Even though I was not in that situation and watching her on a screen, I felt everything she felt and was moved by her emotion. I left the cinema uplifted and proud that Bridget eventually had everything that she wanted. If Bridget can, so can we!

Would I recommend the movie?

I would recommend this movie to anyone who likes comedy and loves Bridget Jones. There were many scenes in the film that were so laugh out loud funny that I would watch them again and again! I’m sure that anyone who sees this film will agree with me 🙂

For more information about the film and to watch the trailer, you can visit

Bye for now 🙂


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