Puppy Journals: Wedgy Down!

I have not written an article in two weeks but he is doing fine and still growing!

Wedgy sleeping

He is now able to reach places he never could, like the stools when they are are on their highest level and the bin. Only yesterday, he invaded the bin and decorated the lawn with rubbish. None of us were pleased. We have to now sellotape the bin lid down (it is broken), to stop him getting in and vandalising the garden!

Wedgy bin.jpg
The Sellotaped bin

We are trying to train him to stop jumping up… sometimes saying “down” and giving “the look” works but when he is really jumpy and bitey, its useless. He will get better though and be one well behaved, chilled out pooch. Hopefully no more holey leggings and cardigans!

Cardigan whole.jpg
A hole in my favourite cardigan!

More gossip later! Bye for now 🙂






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