Concert Review: Cats at Sunderland Empire 

What is it about?
There was no story line but it showed different “egelical” cats from varying backgrounds. In a way,  they were all individual and a bit like humans.

Their differences were expressed through song and dance – some slow and delicate and others fast and loud. Their costumes and make up were all beautiful and varying,  designed to the smallest of details.

What did I think of the plot?

There was not any  plot so it did get boring at times. The second half was a lot better though, with more memorable cat characters like Skimbleshanks, the Railway Cat and  Magic Mr Mystofolies. These were some of my favourite parts as Mr Mystofolies was so glitzy and jazzy and the Skimpleshanks scene was so creative. You could not help but sing along.

What did I enjoy about it the most?

Another part I enjoyed was the series of solos of “Memories” by Elaine Paige. The duo took turns throughout the play to sing parts of the song. Their voices were so different in tone and power but it was breathtaking! By the end, we were blown away by their sheer passion and emotion.

Would I recommend it? 

Despite the slow, if not boring start, I would still recommend the show. Keep watching and wait it out. Soon you will be clapping with the audience and singing along.

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Bye for now 🙂


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