Tour Review: Jimmy Carr – Best of, Ultimate, Gold, Greatest Hits in York

I was so excited for this and had been since I booked it in February. It was the end of a long wait and was chuffed about being in the front row!


What did I think of it?

The tour was very funny and included varying levels of jokes – some more rude and direct than others! He had a great stage presence and interacted with the audience well – a poor man in the front row was heckled throughout the show, with your mum jokes.

The tour consisted of jokes that he has developed and used over the last 25 years so if you have watched video clips, you would probably recognise most of them. Despite this they were still funny and worth the price and travel.

Would I recommend it?

His humour is unique and crosses a few lines, but if you like that, than I would totally recommend the tour! You will have a good laugh!

I was worried that he would pick me out in the front row, but he didn’t! I was lucky.

He is still touring and you can see the dates and locations at .



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