Puppy Journals: To Bath and beyond!

We took a family trip to Bath and stayed in Bristol with the dog. Here is what we did:

Day 1:

We set off on an adventure to Bath with little Wedgy. It was a great trip! Here is a round-up of what we did.

We set off early afternoon in the car with little Wedge in the back. We had a six hour journey and it consisted of many stops – mostly to encourage Wedgy to wee. He was too distracted by the cars and the people so could not wee throughout the journey.

We arrived in Bath at 7pm and proceeded to the Boathouse, a pub by the canal, to meet up with family and have tea.

We all took turns to look after Wedgy, who was wining and desperate to get off his lead. We hoped that he would relax after his tea but he didn’t and still no busy busy (wee)!

After the pub we parted ways and went to bed.

Day 2:

The next morning I woke up from a great sleep to find out that when he got to his destination, he had an extra long busy busy (wee). I was also told that he pooed on the carpet! Oops.

We were out and about doing errants and poor Wedge was in the crate most of the day. We returned to the Boathouse for lunch and beers, allowing Wedge to busy busy (wee) and roam a bit.

He was very good in the car. He slept most of the day in the most adorable positions and was no bother.

Wedgy sleeping

It was a long day for him and he was relieved to be back and able to relax before the long car journey tomorrow. He wasn’t the only one who was ready to get some sleep. We were all knackered!


Day 3:

It was the same old morning – he had a wee and poo, and a run around orchard.

We set off in the car after a lovely cooked breakfast. On the way back to Newcastle, we made a few detours and made sure to stop for wee breaks. Wedgy was not having it though! He was very quiet on the journey back and was a blessing to take.

We had a lovely trip to Bath with him and he is now becoming a very travelled black lab!

Bye for now 🙂


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