Series Review: The Great British Bake off Finale (Spoiler Alert)

It was eventually here and we were all so excited! We had already seen botanical week, patisserie week, pastry week, tudor week and many more. We were now left with the hardest week of all….. royal week!

We previously started with 12 bakers and now we were down to three: Jane, Candice and Andrew!

Finalists 2016.jpg

Challenge 1 included creating  a three-layered meringue crown

  • Candice pushed the boat out and created a four layered masterpiece with a small crown on the top, and she even got a handshake!
  • Jane also excelled and presented her red, white and blue pavlova, with various fruit flavour compotes. We were even more shocked to see a double handshake from Paul… that had never happened on Bake Off!
  • Lastly Andrew produced a fantastically mouthwatering  meringue with crusty caramel, topped with pecan and pistachio nuts. Andrew was left without a handshake but he was still in the running!


They then were asked to create the classic Victoria Sandwich cake. They were not given any instructions, except one line.

  • All of the bakers found the lack of instructions quite difficult but in the end all three produced three delicious bakes.
  • Candice produced a sponge more dark in colour with seedless jam, which looked more like a jelly.
  • Andrew presented a cake with even colour, and a nice jam.
  • Jane struggled with this challenge and had not balanced the ingredient quantities. As a result, she had produced a cake with more rise and batter than needed for the recipe. The cake, however, did have a great flavour and a nice thick jam.

If you thought that was difficult, their showstopper definitely went up a notch! They were asked to create 42 little bakes, consisting of 12 sausage roles, scones,  fruit tarts and keeshes, as well as a chocolate celebration cake!

  • Jane finished with a sign of relief but had struggled a bit with timing, whilst Andrew had a spreadsheet to make sure he finished on time.. good old Andrew!
  • Jane and Andrew both presented raw pastry in their sausage roles and lacked flavour in their scones. Both their cakes got approval from Paul and Mary.
  • Candice and her positive outlook came through, and she created a beautiful hamper, fit for the queen, including pig themed sausage roles and perfect custard and rhubard tarts.

But now it was out of their hands and into Paul and Mary’s…. who would win the Great British Bake Off 2016…..



I hope you all enjoyed the series as much as I did!

Bye for now.






Film Review: I, Daniel Blake at the Tyneside Cinema

The actors and directors

This film was directed by Ken Loach and actors included a Newcastle born comedian, Dave Johns as Daniel Blake. This is his first film and he was joined in the cast with other actors including Hayley Squires as Katie and Briana Shann as Daisy, Katie’s daughter. You can watch I, Daniel Blake at all Empire Cinemas and the Tyneside Cinema in Newcastle.

The plot

A middle aged carpenter, named Daniel Blake was faced with a big challenge when he was required to apply for state welfare support after injuring himself. He was joined by many others, including a young mother with two children. She was struggling to make ends meet and lacked funds to look after her children. Daniel helped to get her life back on track and supported her. In return, she welcomed him into their home and allowed him to spend time with the children.


You can view the trailer at .


Daniel was previously a carpenter and had not ever worked on modern technology. Most of us would not understand this as we have grown up with it. Despite this, he still had time for others and was so caring and sensitive.

i blake 3.jpeg

It was rather unfortunate that he was so talented, yet trapped and confused by the system. He fort for his rights and never gave up on the people around him.

This film really struck a cord with me. There were scenes where I felt happy, sad, then a total wreck. It was so hard not to cry at the end, and I had to remind myself that what he achieved was inspiring, and should be celebrated.

Get a ticket. You won’t regret it.

Bye for now.


Film Review: My Scientology Movie at Tyneside Cinema

The directors and the plot?

The director for this documentary was John Dower. The plot followed a documentary by Louis Theroux, which investigated the religion of Scientology. He was warned about filming the documentary with many people on social media telling him to be careful and saying “Do not go there big man”.

The documentary informed us of how Scientology started and the implications of not following the requirements of the religion. Some of these implications included Scientology members making former members lives as uncomfortable as possible and David Miscavige conducting abuse in their Gold Base, California. Theroux  got help from Mark Rathbun, the former Inspector General of the Religious Technology Center (RTC). Together they re-created experiences, voiced by former members of the religion.

Louis Theroux My Scientology Movie

During the filming, their intentions were known and they were confronted by Scientologists, some of which followed them when they were on their travels.


You can view the trailer at


I had very little knowledge of Scientology before the film and have found myself a bit more informed after watching it. The practices that may or may not have happened were not what I expected. It was interesting to see and if you are curious, it is worth watching.

Bye for now

Film Review: Under the Shadow at Tyneside Cinema

The actors, director and showings?

The horror/thriller film featured Narges Rashidi as the mum (Shideh), Bobby Naderi as the father (Iraj) and Avin Mandshadi as the child (Dorsa). It was directed and written by Babak Anvari and is available to view at the Tyneside Cinema, Newcastle.

What was the plot?

The film took place during the Iraq-Iran war and focused on Shideh and her family. Her husband, Iraj was called in to fight and left the family in their home. Hours after Iraj left, the house was hit by a missile and a friend mysteriously died. Convinced that it was a heart attack, Shideh decided to stay in their house and carry on as normal.

While Shideh was sleeping, Dorsa’s imagination went wild with nightmares and she developed a fever. Dorsa sightings in the house were quickly ignored by Shideh.


It is not until Shideh experienced and saw more odd events, that she actually believed her neighbours and daughter about the mysterious forces that may have entered the house. Shideh could not afford to lose her child and faced the spirit in order to save Dorsa’s life.

under the shadows.jpg

You can view the trailer at .

The analysis

The film had the right balance of a thriller and a horror. While watching the film, there was always a suspense that something would happen and you were left on the edge of your seat, waiting for that moment. I was truly frightened by the movie and would recommend any horror film fans to watch it.

Bye for now.


Film Review: The Clan at Tyneside Cinema

What was the plot?

The film followed a real gang family in the 80s who abducted rich people and bribed their families in sending a ransom. While all family members were partly involved in the acts, not all of them wanted it to be their fate

picture 1.jpg

What did I think of the film?

The film was as you would expect at the beginning – a covered up abduction and efficient bribery. As the story continued, gaps in the family occurred and struggles in the family became clear.

I did not expect the family split to have such an impact on the siblings by the end of the film. My thoughts were with the young man, who had so much sporting potential but who’s life was constantly judged by his disturbing father. He was not encouraged to have his own life or live in freedom. It really made me think.


Should you go see it?

The film give me food for thought. I was surprised by the plot, and hopefully, I have not given much away, so you can have the same surprise too…

Bye for now.



Film Review: The Girl on the Train at Tyneside Cinema

What was the plot

A divorcee becomes caught in a missing persons investigation. Her story evolves and lies are revealed. It is too late for her to leave now. The plot features known actors such as Emily Blunt and Haley Bennett.

Girl on the train pic 1.jpg

What did I think of the film?

I was gripped from the moment the film started. At first the plot seemed simple, but as you know, thrillers often arent what you expect them to be. The plot thickened and I found myself questioning everything I thought at the start.

I had the opportunity to see it twice and even though I knew the plot, it only made it better.


This film was amazing! If you get the chance to see it, go!

Bye for now




Puppy Journals: More treats please (National Poetry day)

I know this poem is one day late but I thought that it would be quite fun to do anyway!

“I have not posted about Wedgy for a while but the truth is, he is fine.

He doesnt jump up as much and he doesn’t really wine

He no longer wees on the floor and that is really great

He is just as cute, but would be cuter if he had a mate

He is getting bigger and therefore harder to ignore.

We regulally trip over him when he is lying on the floor

wedge floor 2.jpg

He knows that if he barks that he will get a treat

Such a clever dog, he will always take a seat

Wedge 1.jpg

We wouldn’t want him any other way

And as far as you can tell

I am not actally a poet

But I have done pretty well!”



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We have now launched the new Facebook page. I would like to see you all there!

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Film Review: Swiss Army Man at Tyneside Cinema

What was the plot?

A hopeless man is stranded on a deserted island. He is joined by a washed up dead body and they become good friends. They face unexpected adventures in order to get back home (IMDB, 2016).

Swiss Army Man.jpg

If you would like to watch the trailer and find out more about the film, you can visit .

What did I think of the film?

It was not what I expected, but it showed a great sense of friendship as the film progressed. Daniel Radcliffe (Manny) and Dan Kwan (Hank) acted so well together and  you could see them get closer and bond over weird and wonderful events.

Overall thoughts?

It has certain sense of humour and will only appeal to a few people. To those who don’t mind immature or bodily humour, go and have a watch!

Film Review: Free State of Jones at Tyneside Cinema

What is the plot?

During the Civil War, Newt Knight, and his army rebelled against the Confederacy. Small farmers and local slaves joined him in an uprising that led Jones County, Mississippi to create a Free State of Jones. He contributed towards the equal rights of less fortunate man and women, showing brave defiance and lead up to important events after the war (IMDB, 2016)

fSJ photo.jpg

Who were the main actors?

All the actors were fantastic and communicated the struggles that they were going through beautifully. Matthew McConaughey (as Newt Knight) demonstrated such passionate acting, that by the end of the film, I was emotionally moved.


What did I think of the film?

I am not the best history fan but despite this, the film played with my emotions. One minute, their was success and celebration, then followed by despair and sadness. The fact that it is also a true story, maked me realise the true importance of these rebellions and occurrences.

I loved the film and would wholeheartedly recommend it!

Bye for now.