Film Review: Tharlo at the Tyneside Cinema

I am trying not to give much away. I walked into this film, unaware of what it was about. I watched it with an open mind and certainly can agree that I have never seen a movie like it.

What was the plot?

The opening of the movie showed a recitation of a speech in Japanese. The plot of the movie was odd and rather confusing.

The story followed the life of a man called Tharlo, a lonely sheep herder. He primarily entered town to get a passport photo and then his life went on from there, as he met more people. He met a beautiful women in the barbers and was so trusting of her, that he sold all his sheep and agreed to travel with her, only to find that she took all his money and left him.

Tharlo 2.jpg

Overall thoughts and recommendations

I left the film, feeling sorry for Tharlo and the way that he had been treated.  It was strange to say the least. If you are curious though, it is worth a watch! Finally, watch the movie closely and follow the subtitles as it was in another language.

Bye for now.


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