Puppy Journals: More treats please (National Poetry day)

I know this poem is one day late but I thought that it would be quite fun to do anyway!

“I have not posted about Wedgy for a while but the truth is, he is fine.

He doesnt jump up as much and he doesn’t really wine

He no longer wees on the floor and that is really great

He is just as cute, but would be cuter if he had a mate

He is getting bigger and therefore harder to ignore.

We regulally trip over him when he is lying on the floor

wedge floor 2.jpg

He knows that if he barks that he will get a treat

Such a clever dog, he will always take a seat

Wedge 1.jpg

We wouldn’t want him any other way

And as far as you can tell

I am not actally a poet

But I have done pretty well!”




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