Film Review: The Clan at Tyneside Cinema

What was the plot?

The film followed a real gang family in the 80s who abducted rich people and bribed their families in sending a ransom. While all family members were partly involved in the acts, not all of them wanted it to be their fate

picture 1.jpg

What did I think of the film?

The film was as you would expect at the beginning – a covered up abduction and efficient bribery. As the story continued, gaps in the family occurred and struggles in the family became clear.

I did not expect the family split to have such an impact on the siblings by the end of the film. My thoughts were with the young man, who had so much sporting potential but who’s life was constantly judged by his disturbing father. He was not encouraged to have his own life or live in freedom. It really made me think.


Should you go see it?

The film give me food for thought. I was surprised by the plot, and hopefully, I have not given much away, so you can have the same surprise too…

Bye for now.




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