Film Review: Under the Shadow at Tyneside Cinema

The actors, director and showings?

The horror/thriller film featured Narges Rashidi as the mum (Shideh), Bobby Naderi as the father (Iraj) and Avin Mandshadi as the child (Dorsa). It was directed and written by Babak Anvari and is available to view at the Tyneside Cinema, Newcastle.

What was the plot?

The film took place during the Iraq-Iran war and focused on Shideh and her family. Her husband, Iraj was called in to fight and left the family in their home. Hours after Iraj left, the house was hit by a missile and a friend mysteriously died. Convinced that it was a heart attack, Shideh decided to stay in their house and carry on as normal.

While Shideh was sleeping, Dorsa’s imagination went wild with nightmares and she developed a fever. Dorsa sightings in the house were quickly ignored by Shideh.


It is not until Shideh experienced and saw more odd events, that she actually believed her neighbours and daughter about the mysterious forces that may have entered the house. Shideh could not afford to lose her child and faced the spirit in order to save Dorsa’s life.

under the shadows.jpg

You can view the trailer at .

The analysis

The film had the right balance of a thriller and a horror. While watching the film, there was always a suspense that something would happen and you were left on the edge of your seat, waiting for that moment. I was truly frightened by the movie and would recommend any horror film fans to watch it.

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