Film Review: I, Daniel Blake at the Tyneside Cinema

The actors and directors

This film was directed by Ken Loach and actors included a Newcastle born comedian, Dave Johns as Daniel Blake. This is his first film and he was joined in the cast with other actors including Hayley Squires as Katie and Briana Shann as Daisy, Katie’s daughter. You can watch I, Daniel Blake at all Empire Cinemas and the Tyneside Cinema in Newcastle.

The plot

A middle aged carpenter, named Daniel Blake was faced with a big challenge when he was required to apply for state welfare support after injuring himself. He was joined by many others, including a young mother with two children. She was struggling to make ends meet and lacked funds to look after her children. Daniel helped to get her life back on track and supported her. In return, she welcomed him into their home and allowed him to spend time with the children.


You can view the trailer at .


Daniel was previously a carpenter and had not ever worked on modern technology. Most of us would not understand this as we have grown up with it. Despite this, he still had time for others and was so caring and sensitive.

i blake 3.jpeg

It was rather unfortunate that he was so talented, yet trapped and confused by the system. He fort for his rights and never gave up on the people around him.

This film really struck a cord with me. There were scenes where I felt happy, sad, then a total wreck. It was so hard not to cry at the end, and I had to remind myself that what he achieved was inspiring, and should be celebrated.

Get a ticket. You won’t regret it.

Bye for now.



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