Film Review: My Scientology Movie at Tyneside Cinema

The directors and the plot?

The director for this documentary was John Dower. The plot followed a documentary by Louis Theroux, which investigated the religion of Scientology. He was warned about filming the documentary with many people on social media telling him to be careful and saying “Do not go there big man”.

The documentary informed us of how Scientology started and the implications of not following the requirements of the religion. Some of these implications included Scientology members making former members lives as uncomfortable as possible and David Miscavige conducting abuse in their Gold Base, California. Theroux  got help from Mark Rathbun, the former Inspector General of the Religious Technology Center (RTC). Together they re-created experiences, voiced by former members of the religion.

Louis Theroux My Scientology Movie

During the filming, their intentions were known and they were confronted by Scientologists, some of which followed them when they were on their travels.


You can view the trailer at


I had very little knowledge of Scientology before the film and have found myself a bit more informed after watching it. The practices that may or may not have happened were not what I expected. It was interesting to see and if you are curious, it is worth watching.

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