Walking in the breathtaking views of Switzerland: A walkers ultimate weekend!

Our Trip

My parents and I were travelling from Newcastle to Geneva on the 27th November and meeting friends, who kindly provided accommodation for us in Interlaken Ost. We were embarking on a walking trip surrounded by the beautiful scenery.

Picture of the apartment.jpg
The apartment where we stayed in Interlaken Ost

 Day One:

Our holiday began early with a 4.45 wake up, in preparation for a 7am flight. The flight was 1 hour 55 minutes but seemed a lot longer. We dug into our Boots meal deals and adored the views from the plane.

We  were supposed to land at 10.05 (9.05 uk time time), however the plane could not land on the runway, due to high wind. It therefore took longer to get to security and we were all panicking that we would miss out train at 11.05.

Thankfully we did not miss our train and were on the platform early. While we were waiting, I decided to go to the loo and was disappointed to find that women had to pay and men didn’t.

Once I had got over that, the train arrived and it was a lot taller than those in the UK. It was also on time! We sat on the train and I felt surprisingly at home, it was like I was in the UK… the buildings and the climate were similar.

We finally arrived at Bern, to change on to our next train to Interlaken Ost. We were met at the other end by our lovely hosts, who took us to their modern apartment. It was cosy with a cute kitchen, open plan dining area and under floor heating!

We relaxed in the apartment and had a nice cup of tea. After we had recovered from the journey, we went out into Interlaken and looked around, before going to a chocolate workshop at Shuch.  We were shown how to make some of their chocolates and had the opportunity to test all their chocolate (continuously). By the time we left the tour, we felt sick and queasy, and this was after making and eating our own chocolate lollipop.

Moulding of the chocolate
Their variety of chocolates
My chocolate lollipop that I decorated

We were also given an eight swiss frank voucher too, so we could choose six individual chocolates to enjoy at home. We took these back to the apartment and started to help prepare dinner – Spaghetti Bolognese and salad. We ate together and discussed news and memories over glasses of wine. It was a lovely evening to end a day of travelling.

Day two:

We woke up the next morning, after a good night sleep. Today was the day where we walked from Kl. Scheidigg to Wengen. We were all booted up, and wore our  warm gear and salopettes. It was not that cold on the route, but it was better to be too warm than too hot.

Map of the mountains
Myself in my walking gear

We made our way up on the bus and arrived at the Kl. Scheidigg, where we started our walk.  We were so excited to walk.

The weather was cool and the fresh air was nice, especially as were used to city air and noise. The view was also amazing as we were isolated and surrounded by natural beauty.

It was also the first walk that I had been on since my Duke of Edinburgh in 2009 so I was pretty impressed that I did it, and actually enjoyed it.


We had a lot of fun on the way to Wengen… I found my inner love for nature and did tree hugging. I also found a really cute christmas tree, which would have been so nice to decorate and take home. That wasn’t possible, so I took a selfie with it instead!

Tree Selfie
Our mini Christmas tree

We did have a few setbacks, such as lost possessions, so we split into two groups. While the men went hunting for our possessions, the ladies continued to Wengen. We went shopping and grabbed coffee and hot chocolate, while watching the locals.

The Christmas Fayre at Wengen

We were reunited a few hours later, and treated ourselves to some beer, wine and nachos, before we made our way back to the apartment for dinner. We decided to stop at the coop before hand to buy some cheese fondue for dinner.

When we got back to the apartment, we cut up peppers, bread, cucumbers and courgettes to dip into the melted cheese! Dinner was divine and it tasted like heaven.

To end the heavenly evening, we watched “The Holiday” and revelled in the feel good and partly unrealistic storyline. At the end of the film, we went to bed and felt proud of what we had achieved.

Day three:

We woke up the next morning and tucked into breakfast. We started to pack our stuff up before our train to Geneva Airport at 10.35.

We felt sad that we were leaving and appreciated all the efforts of our hosts for creating such a lovely weekend.

From left to right: Caroline (host), Myself, Kate and Graham (host)
From left to right: Myself, Caroline and Graham (hosts)

We made our way to the station and sat on the train, wondering about the next we would be in such a beautiful place. We arrived at the airport and the train got us there on time.

That’s the thing with Switzerland – the trains run like their Swiss watches – always on time!

We  got our plane at 13.10. The flight went really quickly and before, we knew it, we were back in the UK and back to reality.


I loved the trip and would recommend anyone who wants to get away from busy life, just to go out and walk in such as scenic place. It was beautiful and the pictures do no justice!




Behind Convent Doors: What really happened in Poland 1945?

This 2015 film, directed by Anne Fontaine, was showed in the Tyneside Cinema, Newcastle.

The plot

Sisters singing their praises

The opening scene to this film displayed a convent in Poland, 1945, and as you would expect, the sisters were singing praises to the Lord. What we were not expecting was a high pitched scream. At this point, we were unaware of the cause and it was not until one of the sisters convinced a red cross nurse to help, that we realised the awful truth.

Mathilde provided medical assistant to the Sisters and had to keep a terrible secret.

The French Red Cross nurse, Mathilde was taken into a room where one of the sisters was lying on a bed, clearly pregnant and in labour. The nurse informed the sisters that it was a breech baby and had to be removed through an emergency caesarean.

The sisters and mother were informed that the new born baby was taken away and given to a new mother. Meanwhile, Sister Anna was treated after collapsing in the hallway. The convent asked a big favour of Mathilde and requested that she kept their secret. The convent could not call in help or the convent would be shut down.

She was loyal to the convent and the sisters trusted her

Mathilde continued to assist with the Red Cross, whilst travelling to the convent in secret and providing medical care. She cared about the polish and she was more than happy to help them, even though she knew getting caught would get her in trouble.

Mathilde was driving back from the convent late at night on day, and she was stopped by two soldiers. They were violent and were about to be assault her when the commander arrived. Mathilde was shaken and upset, and was sent home.

The next day, a group of soldiers, visited the convent and insisted that they were hiding imposters. The soldiers were so close to discovering their secret , when Mathilde explained that the convent was hit with an epidemic. As a result they left, but threatened to return!

Her disappearances at night and lack of sleep became suspicious to her colleague and he started to question her whereabouts. Mathilde still kept their secret and was loyal to the convent. She was called in to treat the mother of the convent, however found this difficult as she refused the help and additional drugs.

Mathilde was then faced with a harsh reality and found out that the Red Cross would be leaving Poland at the end of the month. Their mission of aid was complete and Mathilde was unsure of how to inform the sisters. The timing of this news was inconvenient as the convent was reliant on Mathilde and were approaching the birth of dates of various sisters.

with surgeon.jpg
She had to tell her colleague about the convent as he was getting very suspicious

Her fellow colleague was getting even more suspicious and Maria told him about the convent. She informed him of how soldiers had invaded the convent a year ago, stayed for a few days and impregnating seven sisters.

Mother of the convent did her normal duties and took Sister Zofia’s new born baby to their new parents.  Hours after giving birth, Sister Zofia collapsed and died. The nuns grieved over her death and Zofia’s parents are informed. This scene was heartbreaking to watch and I felt myself tearing up.

Mathilde’s male colleague and surgeon came with her to the convent, after find out their secret and came to help. Sister Irena gave birth and with the knowledge of where their babies have gone, the baby was taken to the Red Cross centre, to protect them from the mother of the convent.

Mathilde has an idea that can stop the convent from hiding their secret and proposed that the convent took in some orphans. That way the public would not know about the pregnancies and the convent would be more welcoming to the public. It was this moment when they were all told where the babies were really being taken… instead of being given to a new family, the newborns were placed in a basket and left on a hill in the snow, overlooking the landscape. While the sisters enjoyed having children around, the mother of the convent could not forgive herself for abandoning the babies in the cold.

Mathilde was happy to be a part of the convent and thanked them when she moved away with the Red Cross.


The film was complex and showed how innocent and good people can be exploited. The caring character of Mathilde expressed the importance of friendship and trust and the fact that it was a true story, emphasised that there are people in the world who are selfless and would do anything to help others. This is such a feel good film, even if there are scenes of sadness and surprise.

Bye for now 🙂













Mind Blowing and Emotionally Thrilling: Nocturnal Animals at its best!

This 2016 film was produced and directed by Tom Ford. As his first ever screenplay, he has really made it memorable and gripping.  I was so desperate to see this film as I had been so intrigued by the trailer.

You can view the trailer at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-H1Ii1LjyFU .  Nocturnal Animals is also available to view at most cinemas.

The plot

The scene opened up to an art gallery exhibition, displaying naked large women in various positions. Susan, the gallery owner, looked stunning, but there was something about her that did not seem right.She returned home to a large, simplistic house and to a husband who was equally good looking, yet they were unhappy and wanting different things.

Susan, observing the gallery during the exhibition

Out of the blue, Susan was sent a movie script that was written by her ex husband, Edward. The script, titled “Nocturnal Animals” brought back memories for Susan as that was what he used to call her when they were together.

The script followed a family going away for the weekend, consisting of Tony (the father), Marfa (the wife) and their daughter. Their road trip was leading them down a long isolated road, with little signal. At this point, I had a bad feeling that something would happen and not long after this they caught up with two cars, which were blocking each lane. Tony was getting quite agitated by this and Marfa was trying to calm him down.

Tony tried to get past the two cars, and while he was was level with them, he saw that they were all smoking and messing around. The two cars started to play a dangerous game of dodgems and knocked his car off the road. One of the drivers approached the car, and were adamant that he had caused the damage to his car. 

At this point Marfa and his wife were asked to get out the car while the strangers offered to fix the flat tyre, despite their violent nature. They wanted Tony to come with them to the police station and report the accident – and requested that his wife and child were driven in their car, while he was accompanied by one of their men in his. He refused and in response the men grabbed his wife and daughter and drove away with them. 

Tony was asked to drive into a desert off the main road. When asked to get out the car, he was left, while the man drove away. I felt so sorry for Tony as he was stick in the middle of nowhere, unaware of where his wife and daughter were. He eventually got to the police after walking to the main road and towards a house. The police investigated the case with him and when he backtracked his steps, near where he was deserted, he saw them….

Tony in the police  car after being collected by the inspector

At this point in real time, Susan called her daughter to hear her voice, worried about how it would feel for this to happen to her. The script reminded her of her past marriage with Edward – the warnings her parents gave her and their advice of not to marry him… as well as his lack of money and ambition that made him ineligible.

She continued the script – engrossed in its story and learnt that his wife had been struck with a hammer and his daughter had been suffocated…. as well as both being raped. He was devastated and worked with the Lieutenant in finding one of the men, who when found, denied all accounts and refused to talk. 

With everything going on at home, Susan was distracted in her board meeting and her forgetfulness and lack of sleep raised concern amongst her colleagues. It was only now that we realised the truth between her and Edward – how she thought she was not good enough for him and was found cheating with the man she was with currently.

The Lieutenant (left) interviewing Ray (middle)

Events in Edwards script had progressed and Tony thought that he was closer to finding out the truth. The Lieutenant located Ray, a long haired guy, who Tony recognised straight away as one of the men. He was questioned and denied all the events… Tony was getting more angry as he was no closer to finding out what really happened to his wife and daughter.  Due to lack of evidence Ray was then released.

Tony and the Lieutenant went out to find Ray, and he was found in the trailer. He admitted that the killing of his wife and child were an accident and that Ray ENJOYED raping his wife! Tony got so angry and killed Ray…. Before Ray fell, he attacked Tony with a spanner and he collapsed with a bleeding head wound. He woke up in the trailer and crawled into the desert… alone and hurt, he fell and was left to die.

She finished the script and felt guilty. Susan wanted to meet Edward and agreed to meet him for dinner. She now understood how much she hurt him and the script was a way for him to get revenge on her. She turned up to dinner but he never arrived.


The film was gripping from the start and has lived up to Tom Ford’s creative reputation. The story was complex and only by the end, did I get the big picture and understand. I found myself unable to look away. This is very high on my list of recommended films.

Comment and let me know what you think of the review and the film.

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Isolated From The World: Jonathan Taggart Explores Life “Off The Grid”

We are so lucky in our towns and cities, to have access to electricity and water supplies. It has become a first nature for us and we take advantage of it more than we need to.

A small percentage of the population however like to be more isolated in locations where they manage their own water supply and generate their own electricity. These people live “off the grid”…

This documentary was directed and written by Jonathan Taggart and is available to see at the Tyneside Cinema in Newcastle.

The plot

Green Bank cabins, Canada

We see the lives of people living in remote, off the grid locations. They live a totally different lifestyle to one you would live in a city.

They live without connection to the national grid and therefore rely on wind and solar power to generate electricity. They set up, manage and maintain  their own clean water supply and know exactly where the water is from, and where it is going to. According to residents, It’s not an easy place to live, but they like it that way, as less people visit the area for tourism. Individuals believe that what they are doing is best for the environment and that by preserving resources, they can live in a future when non-renewable sources run out. As they produce their electricity supply, they are also more careful about how much they use.

Living somewhere so isolated allows you to know basic skills – skills that you lack when living in the city.

Inventive homes and designs in order to avoid mortgages

Individuals in Quebec, Canada built their houses for themselves so they did not have to put a mortgage on it. One women constructed her house with soil filled tyres, and then covered them with plaster and wallpaper. Another man went even further and built his house with a mixture of straw, sand, clay and water. The compound was then waterproof, insect proof, animal proof and earthquake proof!

In Ontario, Canada, a couple would live on 5 hour’s worth of electricity, totalling 5kwh. Each kwh would be produced from one solar panel. They would also treat themselves to the hockey on television on an occasional saturday night, whilst grinding grain with an exercise bike!

Scotia novia canada off the grid.jpg
A warm and cosy kitchen in one of Novia Scotias “off the grid” homes.

In Novia Scotia, Canada they put their waste to good use and use it for fertiliserThe bodily waste is mixed with peat moss, changing the texture to a non-smelling, soil.

Advantages of Life off Grid

You can wake up and know that they don’t need to go anywhere and you can work in accordance with nature.

Tips for Life off Grid

“It is a way of thinking”

If you live on the grid, you need to balance the ecological  and practical benefits as this way of living is harder than you think! Basic DIY to building skills are essential to ensure that you can be fully independent.

For a clip of the film, you can visit http://lifeoffgrid.ca/ .


I found this film really interesting and I left, wondering if I would the guts to leave a city and live off the grid, and be able to survive. It clearly can be done, and from what I have seen, you can be happy anywhere, as long as you have all the necessities.

This documentary was a pleasure to see and I would recommend it to anyone.

So my question now is….


Could you live off the grid?

Let me know in your comments

Bye for now.


Film Review: Arrival at the Tyneside Cinema

This is a review of the new release, Arrival, a mystery, science fiction film. I was pretty excited  to see this film and I had the pleasure of seeing it twice! It is available to see at all good cinemas near you.

The Director and actors?

The director of this 2016 movie was Denis Villeneuve. You can view this film in all good cinemas. The film is adapted from the book “Story of Your Life” by Ted Chiang.

The Plot

The film stated with a view of Louisa Bank’s open plan house and visualisations of her bringing up a child and seeing her grow up. Linguistics professor Louise Banks, acted by Amy Adams went to her lecture to find that half the students staring at a TV screen at mysterious UFOs landing all around the world. She was called in to help decode an alien language, and was sent to an army campsite, situated close to one of the 12 UFOs.  She lead an elite team of investigators in communicating with an alien species and finding out why they had come here and landed in 11 other countries. She was joined by a scientist named Ian Donnelly, played by Jeremy Renner, who led another team in the investigation.

She met the creatures for the first time and did not know how to communicate with them. She was taken aback by them and later, was told to analyse the audio and find a way to get information. She struggled to understand, and decided to take a visual approach with them. Her approach worked and on her second visit, the Heptopods produced signs, created in black air from one of their limbs. Not only that but Louisa formed a nice bond with the aliens. Louise analysed the signs and tried to link them to vowels, so they could communicate back. Louise was also having visions of her child and these thoughts helped her to solve little parts of the puzzle.

human whiteboard arrival.jpg
Louise uses a whiteboard to communicate with the Heptopods

On day 25 of the investigation, images of the alien were released to the public and many of the 12 invaded countries panicked and saw the aliens as a threat.This was in addition to the decoded message “use weapon” which made several countries uneasy including China, Russia and Pakistan. China was the first country to declare war on the aliens and they were followed by Pakistan and Russia.

Louise was told that the camp was going to be evacuated, but before they could go, Louise slipped into a small pod and was taken into the UFO. She saw the Heptopods and was no longer protected by her colleagues. They told her that by “use weapon”, they meant a gift and the gift was their language, and that their language could help you see the future, as they saw time differently and it was not linear.

Ian is comforting Louise after she entered the spaceship alone

At this point, the Heptopods were under attack by China and Russia, and as the aliens had good intentions, Louise had to some how stop the war.

She stole a phone and with the power of the Heptopods language, she told the Chinese president his wifes future dying words. She convinced him to change him mind and share all their insight with the other countries. The UFOs left as they had achieved their purpose and shared their language with the human race.

After the occurrences, Louise saw more visualisations of her daughter and it became clear. All her visualisations were future events. We learnt that her husband was Ian Donnelly, that they were going to have a child, that she was going to grow up and develop cancer and that he was going to leave her when she told him that she could see the future. But instead of hating and dreading every moment, she decided that she would embrace it and enjoy every moment while it lasted.


The film was really mysterious and you did not really know what would happen next. The film just showed how amazing mankind is and that we reply on other species for understanding.

This is one of the best sci fi films out this year… make sure you watch it!




Film Review: Light Between Oceans at the Tyneside Cinema (Spoiler Alert)

The director, actors and plot?

The director of this 2016 film is Derek Cianfrance and available to see at all good cinemas.

The story comprised of a WW1 veteran Tom, who decided to move to the shore of Australia to look after a lighthouse. On his travels to the lighthouse, he met Isabelle, who was desperate for a child. They got on very well and they decided to  get married. She moved onto the island with him and they lived happily.

Isabelle tried for a baby, and on both occasions, they died. To their luck , a boat floated towards the island and on the boat was a baby girl and her dead father. They did not report the baby, despite Tom warning that she was not theirs. They named the child, Lucy.

Tom send Hannah, her real mother, a message that her child was alive and she went to the police. Lucy was brought up thinking that Isabelle was her real mother, with poor Hannah worrying about the whereabouts of her child and husband. Tom lived with the guilt that they are bringing up someone elses child. Lucy had reached the age of four.

Isabelle, however refused to give up the child, as she had been desperate for a child for so long. She was oblivious that Tom had told the police about Lucy and the boat. The police visited the lighthouse and took Lucy to her real mother, Hannah.

Despite Isabelle encouraging to keep the child, Tom admitted all offenses and was taken by the police. Isabelle was so distraught that she left him to be prosecuted.

Lucy did not welcome Hannah, her mother very well as she was convinced that Isabelle was her real mother and that she was called Lucy, not Grace. Due to this, Hannah had a real struggle, especially when Grace went missing and was found on her way to the lighthouse looking for Isabelle and Tom.

It was getting very close to the prosecution and it was not until Isabelle read his letter, that she went back for him and admitted the offenses. Hannah finally admitted that Grace would never see her as her real mother and felt guilty that Tom and Isabelle were going to jail for bringing up her child. She then decided to reduce the charges and stop Tom’s prosecution.

But the most emotional moment of all was the final scene, where grown up Lucy came to visit Tom, bringing her child, Christopher. Tom was completely blown away to find the child they bought up, standing on their door step. He explained that Isabelle had passed and had kept her word in keeping her distance from Lucy. Lucy was then given a letter from Isabelle, that she had written before she died. The letter was so moving, and described her love for Lucy, the hope she provided and how she wished she could have seen her grown up.

My recommendations?

The movie really tested my emotions – I felt exactly what Isabelle felt and at the same time, I was guilty as I knew Lucy was not her child. You could not help but think about what you would do in that situation – would you give up the child or keep it?

The letter scene at the end of the film was so moving and I felt myself well up, not only with happiness that she grew up but also sadness, that Isabelle was not there to see her.

If you like romantic films that will take you on a long and emotional journey, than you need to see the Light Between Oceans.

Bye for Now


Film Review: Ethel and Ernest at the Tyneside Cinema

The actors and the plot?

Ethel and Ernest is a hand drawn animated film, based on the award winning graphic novel by Raymond Briggs. The book depicted an intimate and affectionate representation of his parents lives. They started as two ordinary individuals in London, but then after surprise meetings in their street they decided to go to the cinema together.

Like any relationship, they flourished and after meeting the parents, they got married and moved into a beautiful house. Their responsibilities soon increased with the arrival of Raymond, their baby boy. They had to embrace family life quickly, whilst being at war with Germany. Raymond was unfortunately evacuated to the countryside for safety, and poor Ethel was heartbroken to be taken away from her son.

Ethel and Ernest both undertook new jobs to support the war and they suffer the consequences of a bomb.  The war was eventually won and the introduction of the welfare state provided Ethel and Ernest with more support. This was on top of Ethel’s promotion to clark B2. They were eventually at peace.

Raymond had grown up a lot, and wanted to go to art school, despite his place in a grammar school. Ethel was not happy with Raymond going to art school and felt that he would get less money in his future career and be lower a social class.

As Ethel got older, it was more clear about the variation in social classes between her and Ernest. Ethel got stuck in her own ways and communicated her dismay towards his cockney songs and lower social class humour.

Technology developed before their eyes and they found new electric applications in their kitchen as well as black and white televisions and a new car. This was not the only change – Raymond reached adolescence and was offered a job in the Royal Core of Signals, based in an office.

Later, Raymond was offered a teaching job in the College of Art and also surprised his parents when he bought a girl home and bought a “box” house in the countryside. Despite this, Ethel was still not impressed and was judging of his life decisions.His father, Ernest, supported Raymonds choices.

Time went by and Ethel became less able. She developed dementia and sadly forgot her husband. She passed, with Raymond by her side. Ernest felt lost without her and had a cat as a companion. He eventually joined Ethel and died.

If you would like to see Ethel and Ernest, it is being shown in the Tyneside Cinema in Newcastle. You can view the trailer at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JXDlEw5u8u8 . You can also buy the award winning graphic novel by Raymond Briggs in any good retailers.

My recommendations?

I loved the film. I was moved by the tale of events and it made me think about my childhood. Ethel was perceived in this adaption as quite judgemental – not just of her husband, but of her son and his decisions. As she grew up in a higher social class, it was understandable that she felt that way and it is just “mothers instinct”. We should instead of seeing this as a bad thing, consider how it promotes equality. If you can marry and love someone of a different social class, why not race or nationality?


Let me know what you think of this review or film, by commenting.

Bye for Now

Film Review: Lo and Behold, Reveries of the Connected World at the Tyneside Cinema (Spoiler Alert)

Director and the plot?

The documentary followed Werner Herzog’s exploration of the Internet and the connected world (IMDB, 2016). He interviewed various expects in their fields, who rely on the internet, including Elon Musk, Lawrence Krauss and Lucianne Walkowicz.

The documentary started with a visit to the UCLA in California, the birthplace of the internet and the first machine to ever send a message to another computer, via the internet. It was intriguing as the university students in 1969 had no idea that something so small could develop on such a large scale.

UCLA machine.jpg
The original machine that sent the first message “Lo” to another computer in 1969

The film then explored the new dimensions that the internet opened up. Research, for example, was nearly impossible before the internet. The addition of computers and specialist software helped to collect data from multiple locations and individuals, speeding up scientific research.

We are also being bombarded with new technologies, that could only be possible with the internet.

Self driving cars, that use radars and sensors to monitor terrain, whilst sending the information to a computer, via the internet.

This all sounds good, but there is also a dark side to the internet:

We were enlightened about an uncommon illness, which is strongly linked to wireless signals. We talked to a lady who become ill from radio signals and moved to an idyllic location, called Green Bank, that suppressed phone and radio signals.

Green Bank – an isolated, signal free location in West Virginia

In the beginning, the internet was created to connect communities. This meant that little security measures were put in place to protect people’s identity. Cyber attacks and hackers take advantage of this, even to this day and find their way into secure systems. Infected emails can send trojans and viruses that can allow hackers to access names and bank details.

Companies can spend millions on security, but if you manipulate one member, you are in!

Despite this darker side, the internet has more potential than we believe:

Current projects such as SpaceX, overseen by Elon Musk, aim to investigate if the internet can exist on Mars. The logistics are simpler than we think… four or five satellites and relays in the future can create a global connection!

Space X.jpg
Elon Musk and his SpaceX programme

In addition to this, there have been ideas about the potential of robots in the future. Could you imagine, for example, a robot serving your coffee? or defeating the Brazil football team? Well these may be in your imagination for now, but soon enough they may come true.


The film opened my eyes to how overlooked the internet really is. We now rely on a technology filled life, and the thought of not having the internet worries us all. The internet has not reached its peak potential…

In the future we may not know if we are talking to a dog, robot or human online!

Bye for now.