Film Review: Light Between Oceans at the Tyneside Cinema (Spoiler Alert)

The director, actors and plot?

The director of this 2016 film is Derek Cianfrance and available to see at all good cinemas.

The story comprised of a WW1 veteran Tom, who decided to move to the shore of Australia to look after a lighthouse. On his travels to the lighthouse, he met Isabelle, who was desperate for a child. They got on very well and they decided to  get married. She moved onto the island with him and they lived happily.

Isabelle tried for a baby, and on both occasions, they died. To their luck , a boat floated towards the island and on the boat was a baby girl and her dead father. They did not report the baby, despite Tom warning that she was not theirs. They named the child, Lucy.

Tom send Hannah, her real mother, a message that her child was alive and she went to the police. Lucy was brought up thinking that Isabelle was her real mother, with poor Hannah worrying about the whereabouts of her child and husband. Tom lived with the guilt that they are bringing up someone elses child. Lucy had reached the age of four.

Isabelle, however refused to give up the child, as she had been desperate for a child for so long. She was oblivious that Tom had told the police about Lucy and the boat. The police visited the lighthouse and took Lucy to her real mother, Hannah.

Despite Isabelle encouraging to keep the child, Tom admitted all offenses and was taken by the police. Isabelle was so distraught that she left him to be prosecuted.

Lucy did not welcome Hannah, her mother very well as she was convinced that Isabelle was her real mother and that she was called Lucy, not Grace. Due to this, Hannah had a real struggle, especially when Grace went missing and was found on her way to the lighthouse looking for Isabelle and Tom.

It was getting very close to the prosecution and it was not until Isabelle read his letter, that she went back for him and admitted the offenses. Hannah finally admitted that Grace would never see her as her real mother and felt guilty that Tom and Isabelle were going to jail for bringing up her child. She then decided to reduce the charges and stop Tom’s prosecution.

But the most emotional moment of all was the final scene, where grown up Lucy came to visit Tom, bringing her child, Christopher. Tom was completely blown away to find the child they bought up, standing on their door step. He explained that Isabelle had passed and had kept her word in keeping her distance from Lucy. Lucy was then given a letter from Isabelle, that she had written before she died. The letter was so moving, and described her love for Lucy, the hope she provided and how she wished she could have seen her grown up.

My recommendations?

The movie really tested my emotions – I felt exactly what Isabelle felt and at the same time, I was guilty as I knew Lucy was not her child. You could not help but think about what you would do in that situation – would you give up the child or keep it?

The letter scene at the end of the film was so moving and I felt myself well up, not only with happiness that she grew up but also sadness, that Isabelle was not there to see her.

If you like romantic films that will take you on a long and emotional journey, than you need to see the Light Between Oceans.

Bye for Now



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