Spell binding quotes from Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone

We all love Harry Potter and have our favourite quotes… here are some of my favourite quotes which make the film enchanting!

Harry Potter introduction to Hogwarts.png
Hermione (left), Harry (middle), Shamus (middle right) and Ron (far right) when they first entered Hogwarts in first year!
  • “Are you sure that’s a real spell? Well, it’s not very good, is it?” Hermione’s witty one liner when commenting on Ron’s unsuccessful attempt at magic on the train to Hogwarts.
  • “There will be no foolish wand-waving or silly incantations in this class” indicated by Snape (Alan Rickman) in his dark arts lesson. You can view this iconic scene at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GXafE0fXVto .
  • “Now, once you’ve got hold of your broom, I want you to mount it… And grip it tight, you don’t want to slide off the end” stated by Madam Hooch in their first Quidditch lesson.
  • “She needs to sort out her priorities” – Ron’s response to Hermione and her early departure to bed before she could get into any more trouble.
  • Our favourite “swish and flick” scene and Ron’s incorrect pronunciation of “Wingardium Leviosa”, followed by Hermione’s response and correct pronunciation!
“Wingardium Leviosa”scene with Professor Flitwick
  • Harry received a package in the dining hall and it was a Broom but Ron responded with “That’s not just any broomstick, Harry. It’s a Nimbus 2000!” .
Harry unwrapping a Nimbus 2000 in the dining hall
  • Harry received a gift from an unknown sender and Ron was gobsmacked by what it was – “Wow! I know what that is… it’s an Invisibility cloak” .
  • Hermione: “He’s not relaxing, is he?” Harry: “Apparently not”. Ron: “Help! Help me!” – Ron was very distressed when Harry and Hermione landed in the Devil Snare. Instead of relaxing, Ron struggled and was freed from it by Hermione and her amazing knowledge.
  • “Help will always be given at Hogwarts to those who ask for it” – Albus Dumbledore gave Harry some useful advice after his conflict with Quirrell.

So here are my 9 favourite quotes…. if I have left any out, please me know!

Have a magical day. Bye for now.


Tom Hanks braces us with this high flying, thrilling film, Sully!

Tom Hanks has graced us once again, in a new 2016  gripping thriller, that is based on a true story. This 2016 film  was directed by the brilliant Clint Eastwood and was definitely making a big wave!  The cast included

The Plot

Tom Hanks, played Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger and was presented with an unfortunate situation. He was left to land the US Airways flight with his fellow co-pilot, Jeffrey “Jeff” Skiles  (played by Aaron Eckhart) after a flock of birds damaged both the engines. Flight 529 was scheduled to fly from  LaGuardia Airport to Charlotte Douglas International Airport, however three minutes in, the pilots had to act fast and decided to land in the Hudson River.

The 155 Passengers standing on the wings – waiting to be rescued

The passengers were frightened and rightly so… flights that crash on water generally do not end up well, so the fact that all 155 passengers survived was a revelation. The cabin crew and pilots were very effective at their job and

His approach was criticised by the board and as a result he felt downgraded and guilty.

Their appeal, in which their decisions on the flight were criticised

He attended a hearing and evidence was presented against him. The board were suggesting that there was time to land the plane safely and land back on the intended runway. They also presented simulations that duplicated their flight, height and bird flock attack.

The case seemed to be piled against him but then he presented them with some thoughts. Firstly he mentioned how the simulations did not have the human aspect and  lacked the 35 second pause before the left turn for the runway. The board also revealed that the pilots who took part in the simulation had 17 attempts, meaning that they knew when to turn and how to land.

With this is mind, the simulations were repeated with a 35 second pause and on both routes, the plane did not make the runway. Not only had Sully been right to land in the Hudson River, but the board had presented evidence that was not reliable and did not represent the situation correctly.

By the end of the film, I felt like he had gone through unnecessary grief over the flight. I had a feeling at the start of the hearing that he was telling the truth and it would have broken my heart if his career ended after one bad call on a three minute flight.

You can view the trailer at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mjKEXxO2KNE .


The film was gripping and non stop! I loved it and felt so much respect for Sully and what he did for the passengers.

Book your seat for this film while they are still available!

Bye for now




The force remains strong in Steven Spielberg’s Rogue One: A Star Wars Story!

We have been graced with Steven Spielberg’s amazing creations, once again! I was also lucky to see this in 3D which was spectacular.

This new 2016 release joins the ever popular Star Wars series that has attracted so many fans. It was revealed that Rogue One was a sequel to Star Wars: a New Hope; in which Luke assists in the assassination of the Death Star.

Jyn Erso is acted by the delightful Felicity Jones, alongside Diego Luna as Captain Cassian and Mads Mikkelsen as Galen Erso, Jyn’s father.

The plot

Lead actor, Felicity Jones as Jyn

Jyn Erso is the daughter of a Galen Erso, who was taken away by Orson Krennic. For years Jyn lived and was unaware of his role in the creation of a powerful weapon that can destroy planets.

Jyn received a message from her father, that was secretly broadcasted, that he had fitted a big fault in the Death Star that could one day destroy it for good. It was then that Jyn realised that her father was actually still there and not lost in his evil plan to create the weapon.

She therefore took it into her own hands to steal the blueprints for the Death Star and was supported by the rebels.

Jyn (middle) with Captain Cassian (middle right) and the rebels.

She met Captain Cassian who first did not trust her, based on her fathers plans, but later realised her true grit and supported her in the attempt to obtain the blueprints. She also met a trusty imperial broid, who had avoided reprogramming by the empire. The drone kept them safe when they were finding the blueprints in the data tower, and as a result, sacrificed his life for them. I felt tears in my eyes as he had stayed by them all the way.

She embraced her father for the last time before he died of injuries from rebels. It was a heartbreaking scene as he had left so swiftly when he was taken when she was younger, and she did not have her father to help bring her up.

Her courage was impeccable and she was able to steal the blueprints and transmit them to rebel ships. You will probably recognise the significance of this, as these blueprints were essential in the annihilation of the Death Star in Star Wars: The New Hope.

You can view the trailer at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=frdj1zb9sMY .


I am not the most enthusiastic Star Wars fan, but I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed the film. I found it captivating, action packed and out of this world!

Book your place or the ship will disappear into hyperspace.

Bye for now!


Life as a Disney movie: The importance of animation in expressing feelings

Many people do not know a lot about Autism, and do not really understand what it is. This documentary, exploring the use of animation to express feelings, will definitely change that.

According to the National Autistic Society , “Autism is a lifelong developmental disability that affects how people perceive the world and interact with others” (2006). Autistic people see the world differently to others and the extent of this can be on a spectrum, from slightly impacted to highly impacted.

Autism is explained more at http://www.autism.org.uk/about.aspx .

The plot

We visited Owen Suskind, an autistic individual  who lived with his parents and brother, Walter.

His parents were unaware of his condition and struggled to cope with the change in their son. They thought they had “lost him” as he briefly stopped speaking and developed Echolalia, the process of repeating words or phrases.

His parents were aware of this obsession with Disney Movie, but did not look into it very far, until they made an insightful discovery.

They started to talk to him in Disney voices and watched Disney movies with him. They used these movies to help him cope with difficult situations such as growing up, moving house or undertaking a degree.

Disney movie characters which can relate to Owen’s emotional state

Although this plot is brief, I wanted you to have an open mind when you saw it and not have premade opinions on it. For more information and viewing times, you can visit https://www.tynesidecinema.co.uk/whats-on/films/view/life-animated .


The film was heart warming, and slightly sad. The film showed that everyone is different and has their own difficulties. It was an interesting insight into autism and I hope that it raises more awareness of the disability.

Bye for now.





The essential Christmas must see: the unforgettable “It’s a Wonderful life”

The film was released in 1946, and is still popular now.

If you have not seen it, then you have probably heard of it. Maybe you thought it was one of those boring black and white movies that your parents grew up with?

Yes it’s black and white and was released when your parents were young, but it is definitely NOT boring and you will regret not seeing it sooner!

The plot

The film follows the life of George Bailey in Bedford Falls, and his influence on the people around him. He had all these aspirations to travel, but stayed where he was brought up – keeping Bedford falls afloat until Christmas Eve, when he was pushed off the edge.

He questioned the value of his life and was about to take his life. He wished he had never been born – he was unaware of how many people he had helped:

  • He identified poison in their capsules as a boy, saving My Gower from going to jail.
  • He saved his brother from the ice when he was young.
  • He did not give in to Mr Potter and let his empire and power grow over others.
  • He sacrificed his dreams and aspirations for others – he was selfless and loved by everyone.
  • He gave up his trip to Europe to help address issues in  the Bailey Accosiation after Peter Bailey’s (father) death three months ago.
  • He ran the Accosiation as Executive, alongside Billy.
  • His brother grew up to be a professional footballer and achieved his dreams with George’s college money, while George stayed at home and maintained the town.
  • He turned down a job in plastic and flooring which could make him rich, to help others in Bedford Rock
  • He saved the bank from bankruptcy and Mr Potter by giving away all his honeymoon money to reimburse customers. 
  • He build Bailey Park and built houses that were now owned by residents, not rented by Mr Potter.
  • George declined a job off by Mr Potter to stop his growth of power.
George Bailey (middle) with his wife (middle left), child (middle right) and friends

Despite the films depressing nature, it shows the true meaning of family during the Christmas season!

George was overjoyed after returning from his adventure and now valued his life in Bedford Falls

It was the first time I had seen the film and I wish I had seen it earlier. If you get a chance to see  it, make sure you do, as is a joy to watch.

Bye for now

Magical and undeniably brilliant: J K Rowling brings you a wizarding masterpiece!

The 2016 film has been a magical phenomenon and has taken off! The movie, containing Eddie Redmayne (as Newt), Katherine Waterson (as Porpentina), Colin Farrell (as Percival Graves) and Erza Miller (as Cadence), has shaken up the muggle aka. No Maj world.

You can see the trailer at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vso5o11LuGU .

The plot

Newt stopped by in New York, 1926 after traveling the world and finding dangerous and unbelievable magical creatures. This however did not end up being a brief stop, as occurrences cause some of the beasts to escape.

Fantastic beasts  cast.jpg
From left to right: Jacob, Newt and Porpentina

Newt bumped into Jacob, a No Maj, who did not believe magic existed. He was involved in a briefcase switch up and as a result, was exposed to his magical adventure.

Along the way, Newt caught the attention of Porpentina who was also involved in the wizarding community. She was suspicious of his activities, but understood the severity of the issue, and agreed to help him and Jacob find the beasts. The beasts were terrorising New York and it was a race against the clock to catch them, before the magic was exposed to the No Maj World.

The best scene was when Jacob was exposed to the magical creatures that Newt collected. A small suitcase became a flight of stairs and led to a vast zoo of weird and wonderful beasts. From small green stick insects to large dragons, Jacob was introduced to possibilities he could not believe in his wildest imagination.

Cadence, in his innocent human form

Newts knowledge uncovered more unnerving news – that powerful dark uncontrollable forces existed amongst No Maj’s, known as Obscurials. They looked innocent, and mostly in the form of children, but once unleashed, they caused devastating damage. Mr Graves was suspicious that Cadence’s sister was an Obscurial and she had that eerie and odd feeling about her. It was later that we witnessed his sister being beaten by their mistress, and Cadence’s emotions got the best of him. He transformed into a massive black Obscurial force and defended her.

Most of the wizarding committee knew of Newt and his relations with Porpentina, but did not believe that he was here and doing good. They recognised his efforts  when he helped to calm and reduce the damage caused by Cadence in the subway. He informed them of his research and collection of creatures, thanked and then told to leave New York.

As for Jacob, he forgot what happened, much like the population of New York and would not remember the events or magical beasts that he saw.


I went into the film, expecting to be blown away with images beyond my imagination. I got what I was expecting and more. This film has been well awaited since J K Rowling announced it and you still have a chance to see it at the Tyneside Cinema, up until next week.

Make sure you see it, you will not regret it!

Bye for now




A beautiful, real romance that can make or break a country: Amma Asante presents “A United Kingdom”

The 2016 film, A United Kingdom represented a twisted tale of two individuals, with different circumstances, who were fated not be together.

Rosamund Pike (as Ruth) and David Oyelowo (as Seretse).

The roles were played well and acted superbly. Rosamund Pike as Ruth Williams, was a typing clerk in London, and was instantly attracted to David Oyelowo, who played Seretse Khama; a London law student, come air to the Botswana Throne.

She was  instantly intrigued by him with his passionate speech about equality, at the missionary ball. They danced the night away and kept in contact, secretly meeting to avoid Ruth’s father finding out. Her father, as a British stereotypical individual, would not approve of her relationship with Seretse.

Ruth’s father was not the only individual against their relationship. While walking back, they were both racially abused and Ruth is hit in the process, despite his protection.

Ruth had been aware of the black and white divide, but not to its full extent. She had to decide between two sides:

Her family and their approval or Seretse and the chance of  real change and racial criticism?

Ruth followed her heart and as a result lost faith and support from her family.

He knew that the integration of black and white would cause conflict in his tribe, and between his uncle, who valued tradition that has been followed for the last four kings.

Their struggle was forged from traditional and racist views. The British Government and their smug representatives were adamant to challenge their relationship and his uncle conspired against them. Their eligibility of their marriage and the throne were investigated and measures were put in place to Isolate Ruth, to make her question her choices.

Ruth and Seretse moved to Botswana Land and he stood in front of the tribe. He delivered a speech that was not only captivating and passionate but was also so convincing that the tribe were won over in his eligibility to be king. This speech gave me shivers down my spine and I felt every word and emotion!

Her move to Botswana land had been different from what she had expected, with the tribe judging and not respecting her, because of her skin colour. The idea of a black king and white queen was not yet established in their tradition.

Further attempts were made to break their relationship when they were both called to London. Ruth refused to go, and as a result she was separated from Seretse who was informed that he was banned from visiting his home country for five years. He was offered an admin position in Jamaica, but he refuses.

They were told that they were NOT FIT TO RULE and tried to get support from the British people. Churchill showed his support and stated that he would terminate the banishment if he won the election, but his win backfired and he extended the banishment to life.

This moment was heart-breaking; when he thought that he had some British support, his luck backfired. His ability to support his pregnant wife, Ruth was now lower and she was starting to struggle.

Ruth tried to put her worries aside and make an inspirational speech to rebel against her husband’s life banishment. She was strong for the tribe, but she knew that she had not seen Seretse for a long time. She made her way to London to see him, after a surprise song by the locals. She had finally got their respect!

After reuniting Seretse with her child, they decided to write a letter to his uncle, asking if they could meet and discuss the conflict between them. Sereste asked permission from the representative to travel to Botswana Land.

They presented evidence to him, including the Horrigan report, indicating that he was eligible to be king and that Ruth was eligible to be queen. They made an agreement with him, that he could rule with Ruth, and had word in parliament that any minerals found on their land was theirs and could not be mined without their permission.

Ruth (left) with her child and Seretse (right)

At the end of all the dramatic events, they returned to Botswana Land and ruled until they declared their independence in 1966, when they could truly be free and not dictated by the British Government.

You can view the trailer at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=url66-67O90 .


The film was deeply moving and I felt a sense of pride after it. The way they handled criticism, and held on to what they had, was inspiring. Their determination to do the best for Botswana Land, despite its struggle, is something we can do in our daily lives.

The film is still available to see in selected Vue, Odeon and Empire Cinemas, as well as the Tyneside Cinema in Newcastle.

I would highly recommend seeing this equally romantic and inspiring film.

Bye for now