Magical and undeniably brilliant: J K Rowling brings you a wizarding masterpiece!

The 2016 film has been a magical phenomenon and has taken off! The movie, containing Eddie Redmayne (as Newt), Katherine Waterson (as Porpentina), Colin Farrell (as Percival Graves) and Erza Miller (as Cadence), has shaken up the muggle aka. No Maj world.

You can see the trailer at .

The plot

Newt stopped by in New York, 1926 after traveling the world and finding dangerous and unbelievable magical creatures. This however did not end up being a brief stop, as occurrences cause some of the beasts to escape.

Fantastic beasts  cast.jpg
From left to right: Jacob, Newt and Porpentina

Newt bumped into Jacob, a No Maj, who did not believe magic existed. He was involved in a briefcase switch up and as a result, was exposed to his magical adventure.

Along the way, Newt caught the attention of Porpentina who was also involved in the wizarding community. She was suspicious of his activities, but understood the severity of the issue, and agreed to help him and Jacob find the beasts. The beasts were terrorising New York and it was a race against the clock to catch them, before the magic was exposed to the No Maj World.

The best scene was when Jacob was exposed to the magical creatures that Newt collected. A small suitcase became a flight of stairs and led to a vast zoo of weird and wonderful beasts. From small green stick insects to large dragons, Jacob was introduced to possibilities he could not believe in his wildest imagination.

Cadence, in his innocent human form

Newts knowledge uncovered more unnerving news – that powerful dark uncontrollable forces existed amongst No Maj’s, known as Obscurials. They looked innocent, and mostly in the form of children, but once unleashed, they caused devastating damage. Mr Graves was suspicious that Cadence’s sister was an Obscurial and she had that eerie and odd feeling about her. It was later that we witnessed his sister being beaten by their mistress, and Cadence’s emotions got the best of him. He transformed into a massive black Obscurial force and defended her.

Most of the wizarding committee knew of Newt and his relations with Porpentina, but did not believe that he was here and doing good. They recognised his efforts  when he helped to calm and reduce the damage caused by Cadence in the subway. He informed them of his research and collection of creatures, thanked and then told to leave New York.

As for Jacob, he forgot what happened, much like the population of New York and would not remember the events or magical beasts that he saw.


I went into the film, expecting to be blown away with images beyond my imagination. I got what I was expecting and more. This film has been well awaited since J K Rowling announced it and you still have a chance to see it at the Tyneside Cinema, up until next week.

Make sure you see it, you will not regret it!

Bye for now





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