The essential Christmas must see: the unforgettable “It’s a Wonderful life”

The film was released in 1946, and is still popular now.

If you have not seen it, then you have probably heard of it. Maybe you thought it was one of those boring black and white movies that your parents grew up with?

Yes it’s black and white and was released when your parents were young, but it is definitely NOT boring and you will regret not seeing it sooner!

The plot

The film follows the life of George Bailey in Bedford Falls, and his influence on the people around him. He had all these aspirations to travel, but stayed where he was brought up – keeping Bedford falls afloat until Christmas Eve, when he was pushed off the edge.

He questioned the value of his life and was about to take his life. He wished he had never been born – he was unaware of how many people he had helped:

  • He identified poison in their capsules as a boy, saving My Gower from going to jail.
  • He saved his brother from the ice when he was young.
  • He did not give in to Mr Potter and let his empire and power grow over others.
  • He sacrificed his dreams and aspirations for others – he was selfless and loved by everyone.
  • He gave up his trip to Europe to help address issues in  the Bailey Accosiation after Peter Bailey’s (father) death three months ago.
  • He ran the Accosiation as Executive, alongside Billy.
  • His brother grew up to be a professional footballer and achieved his dreams with George’s college money, while George stayed at home and maintained the town.
  • He turned down a job in plastic and flooring which could make him rich, to help others in Bedford Rock
  • He saved the bank from bankruptcy and Mr Potter by giving away all his honeymoon money to reimburse customers. 
  • He build Bailey Park and built houses that were now owned by residents, not rented by Mr Potter.
  • George declined a job off by Mr Potter to stop his growth of power.
George Bailey (middle) with his wife (middle left), child (middle right) and friends

Despite the films depressing nature, it shows the true meaning of family during the Christmas season!

George was overjoyed after returning from his adventure and now valued his life in Bedford Falls

It was the first time I had seen the film and I wish I had seen it earlier. If you get a chance to see  it, make sure you do, as is a joy to watch.

Bye for now


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