Tom Hanks braces us with this high flying, thrilling film, Sully!

Tom Hanks has graced us once again, in a new 2016  gripping thriller, that is based on a true story. This 2016 film  was directed by the brilliant Clint Eastwood and was definitely making a big wave!  The cast included

The Plot

Tom Hanks, played Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger and was presented with an unfortunate situation. He was left to land the US Airways flight with his fellow co-pilot, Jeffrey “Jeff” Skiles  (played by Aaron Eckhart) after a flock of birds damaged both the engines. Flight 529 was scheduled to fly from  LaGuardia Airport to Charlotte Douglas International Airport, however three minutes in, the pilots had to act fast and decided to land in the Hudson River.

The 155 Passengers standing on the wings – waiting to be rescued

The passengers were frightened and rightly so… flights that crash on water generally do not end up well, so the fact that all 155 passengers survived was a revelation. The cabin crew and pilots were very effective at their job and

His approach was criticised by the board and as a result he felt downgraded and guilty.

Their appeal, in which their decisions on the flight were criticised

He attended a hearing and evidence was presented against him. The board were suggesting that there was time to land the plane safely and land back on the intended runway. They also presented simulations that duplicated their flight, height and bird flock attack.

The case seemed to be piled against him but then he presented them with some thoughts. Firstly he mentioned how the simulations did not have the human aspect and  lacked the 35 second pause before the left turn for the runway. The board also revealed that the pilots who took part in the simulation had 17 attempts, meaning that they knew when to turn and how to land.

With this is mind, the simulations were repeated with a 35 second pause and on both routes, the plane did not make the runway. Not only had Sully been right to land in the Hudson River, but the board had presented evidence that was not reliable and did not represent the situation correctly.

By the end of the film, I felt like he had gone through unnecessary grief over the flight. I had a feeling at the start of the hearing that he was telling the truth and it would have broken my heart if his career ended after one bad call on a three minute flight.

You can view the trailer at .


The film was gripping and non stop! I loved it and felt so much respect for Sully and what he did for the passengers.

Book your seat for this film while they are still available!

Bye for now





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