So the secret is out but will George stay quiet? Or will he use it as ammunition?

This is the second episode of the four part drama, Apple Tree Yard and what a cracker it was! Yvonne has embarked on a dangerous relationship with a man that is known as Mr X (known to us as Costley). In the previous episode, we saw Yvonne get raped in her colleague in his office by George, after he found out about the affair.

The plot

The rape incident in George’s office shown in the last episode

She thought that it was over one he left, but George was not going to let go that easily.  It was hard for Yvonne to go to work, knowing what George worked alongside her. Seeing his name on an email and noticing him in the street was all too much for Yvonne and she decided that she would leave her job, leave work.

George was in a local corner shop late at night.. But why was he there.. was he stalking Yvonne or just shopping?

He started to stalk her and she got scared, terrified that he would attack again. She went to Mr X, Costley, for guidance. Costley, his name still unknown to her, wanted to get George back for what he had done to her. He organised for her to meet a man who could talk over the options with her, and this was when we heard what he did and what he said. It was one slap on the back of the hand and that was it. She described how she was drunk and at one point he said “now give me your mouth”. Her recollection was slow, as if she was scared to reveal what really happened to her, to admit it out loud the awful flashbacks she was having in her head.

In this episode I really felt for Yvonne as she was scared for her life. To counteract that though, her poor husband still did not know about Mr X or the affair. He had only recently admitted that on his trip to Estonia, he had a fling with one of his colleagues. She was angry, and I would be if I was her, but she was unfaithful too? How can she punish her husband and make him feel guilty when she is having sex with another man behind his back?

I know that at some point, something will happen. She may find out who Mr X really is, her husband may find out about the affair or worse, George may hurt her again. There are definitely more skeletons in the closet that are preparing to come out….

Again at the end of the episode we were shown a court scene and she was in the stand – a women shouting at her:”F*****g bitch” and “You have destroyed our lives”.

So what has happened? Has something happened to George and has Costley bought her into it?

Final Thoughts

I was on the edge of my seat and just hoped that nothing more could happen to her. The court scene has definitely got us thinking of what could happen and what could be finally revealed, not only to her family and friends but to the court.

We will just have to wait until Sunday to find out!

Bye for now



The Trainspotting boys are back but will they still get on twenty years later? (Spoiler Alert!)

Trainspotting, originally released in 1996 followed the lives of five young men and their involvement in a drug alliance and campaign. The plot of the original Trainspotting film included Spud, Sick Boy (now Simon) and Begbie (now Franco) being swindled out of their £4,000 share by Renton (now Mark), who left the group with all the money.

Trainspotting T2, set in the iconic city of Edinburgh and directed by Danny Boyle, was set 20 years later. Their lives had now moved on, however even now, tension, disappointment and anger surrounded the events that took place 20 years ago.

The cast included Ewan Mcgregor as Renton, Robert Carlyle as Begbie,  Ewen Bremmer as Spud and Jonny Lee Miller as Sick Boy.

The plot

Renton (Mark) returned back to Edinburgh and was greeted by his old friends, Spud and Sick Boy (Simon). They were not happy to see him, if anything, they hated him and wanted to get revenge. Most of this anger was communicated through fights and a lot of swearing! If you drank every time one of the characters swore, you would probably be very drunk by the end of it.

Spud and Renton (Mark) on the till having a heart to heart

There were many iconic scenes in the films, including a heart to heart between Renton (Mark) and Spud, overlooking a beautiful natural, green landscape. Renton (Mark) provided some friendly advice to Spud regarding his drug addiction. Spud was addicted again and he was struggling to quit, and live. Renton (Mark) told him to “Be addicted to something else? Boxing” and even though they have their differences, it was like they had never been apart.

Franco screaming over cubicle T2 trainspotting.jpg
Begbie (Franco) in the toilet cubicle

While Renton (Mark) was a gentle character, Begbie (Franco) was the opposite. He had a sense of threat to him – the kind of guy that you would try to avoid at any cost. His violent and forceful nature was not only towards his son, but also towards Renton (Mark). Begbie (Franco) visited the club that Sick Boy (Simon) and Renton (Mark) were clubbing at and Renton bumped into him in the neighbouring toilet cubicle. When they both realised, it was like a war started. Begbie (Franco) climbed onto the toilet seat and screamed into the cubicle, it was utterly terrifying. Begbie (Franco) chased Renton (Mark) out of the club and into a carpark, before losing him on the open road.

Begbie (Franco) was not finished with his quest for revenge… he crafted a plan and trapped Spud, Sick Boy (Simon) and Renton (Mark) in the “Port Sunshine” pub (the pub which Sick Boy and Spud were investing in and decorating) and chased Renton down. He attempted to strangle Renton (Mark) with random cables hanging from the the ceiling. Renton (Mark) was saved by Sick Boy (Simon). They had eventually forgiven him

There was really no way that Begbie (Fanco) could forgive Renton (Mark) as he was the reason that he was in jail. Sick Boy (Simon) and Spud became good friends with Renton by the end of the film, which was nice, because at least they had found some common ground.

My Thoughts

The film was not really to my taste and was a bit too “over the top” violent for me.  I just found a lot of these boyish fights and death attempts (mostly the plot in general) unnecessary. Again you may disagree and that is fine.

By no means are my reservations towards the film down to the acting. No the acting was fantastic. Ewan Mcgregor as Renton was very inspirational and Robert Carlyle as Begbie  was extremely terrifying (but in a good way).

If you liked Trainspotting, 1996, then you will definitely like this!

Feel free to contact me or comment with any of your thoughts on this movie or review in general.

Bye for now.







Pablo Larraín has upheld Jackie’s legacy but was the film a bit short on her life? (Spoiler Alert)

Jackie was released in cinemas on the 20th January and it has received mixed reviews. Natalie Portman starred as the stylish and modest Jackie, first lady and wife of Jack Kennedy (JFK).

Natalie Portman as Jackie Kennedy

Natalie Portman portrayed her beautifully and gave us an insight into her and JFKs legacy.  The figure of Jackie was always on point, but she was far from perfect. She held herself at a time of tragedy so well but she was also human and had to cope with her grief in the spotlight.  That will have been difficult.

The Plot

The film followed the actions of Jackie before and after the assassination of her husband, Jack Kennedy.

She was an inspirational leading lady that the people looked up to and respected at a time of tragedy.  She was an incredible women… not only did she need to be strong for her children, she was needed to be strong for her country. She had to stand up to those who murdered her husband and prove that she was not baffled, that she was not afraid.

Jackie walking out in the procession - Jackie 2017.jpg
Jackie walking out with her children in the procession after her husband’s death

She sat in the car next to her dead husband and tried to stop the bleeding. She walked off the plane covered in his blood and walked in the procession through the streets despite the danger and threat. She supported her husband in all his endeavours and upheld his legacy after his death… gave him the recognition that he deserved from his position as the President of the US!

The plot of this film is quite simple and is probably known by many who are aware of this time in history.

Final Thoughts

I enjoyed the film and praised its outcome, however I was slightly disappointed. The film showed one moment of their lives – JFK assassination and her response to it. Although it was an important part in history, I would have liked to have seen more of her life and find out more about her history – what she was like before she met him and how their relationship blossomed to the final chapter of her life.

I was expecting more from the film and thought it would more educational than drama.It could be interesting to watch or just a waste of a few hours… I will let you decide?

Bye for now.



Do you have split reactions about Kevin and his 23 personalities? (Spoiler Alert)

Split is directed by M. Night Shyamalan and has definitely made a loud comeback. The 2016 horror and thriller is available to see in all good cinemas. The cast of Split includes the Scottish actor James McAvoy, as Kevin, Anya Taylor-Joy as Casey and Betty Buckley as Dr Karen Fletcher.

The plot

Dennis (acted by James Mcavoy) in their car.
Casey (acted by Anya Taylor-Joy) in shock when she saw that she was in the car with a stranger.

Kevin was a man with 23 personalities – all different in age, IQ and nature. While Dennis was the control, three girls were kidnapped and taken to an underground building with dark corridors, cells and no windows. Casey, Chloe and Claire were all held in a cell with beds. They tried to outdo Dennis, but there was more to him than they knew.

Claire and Chloe in the cell that they were kept in, when in Kevin’s care.
Kevin as “Hedwig” – a young nine year old
Kevin as “Patricia” – a mother like figure who likes control

They discovered that he was not only Dennis, but he was also Barry (an artist), Patricia (a mother like figure), Jade (sensitive, young man) and Hedwig (A young nine year old). Whilst Barry was creative and kind in nature, Hedwig was dramatically different and very immature. Patricia and Dennis were the two leading personalities who had been previously pushed out but had returned and were taking control of Kevin’s body, protecting him. These two personalities were disciplined and rather OCD about mess.

Kevin as “The Beast” – a stronger, animal like form that Kevin can adopt.

One by one, the girls tried to escape and got desperate to do so when they were warned about a visit from “The Beast”… The Beast represented a stronger, taller and more animal like personality existing in Kevin. The Beast was hard to escape from and Chloe and Claire were both attacked and killed by “The Beast”. Casey found a way out of her cell and walked into the store room where Chloe was being eaten alive….

Casey tried to run from “The Beast”, but found herself trapped. She shot him in the chest with a rifle that she found in his office. However he was impenetrable and Casey had finally realised that she would not make it out alive.

When we all thought it was over for Casey, it all changed. “The Beast” had his values.. he spared those who were pure. Casey, was of course pure, quiet and she was later rescued by a groundsman, from the deserted cell.

Why was Kevin different?

Kevin had a condition that allowed him to have all these personalities. Dr Karen Fletcher was working with him and helping Kevin to control his personalities. She did not believe Kevin when he talked about “The Beast” and thought it was a story, however she was wrong to doubt Kevin.

Kevin and his various personalities made him unpredictable and his ability to hold a few at one time made him extremely dangerous. His individual personalities were not all seen in the film however Barry, Dennis, Patricia, Hedwig and Jade were revealed. His last mysterious personality was revealed towards the end and “The Beast” was the most terrifying of all.

Where was Kevin now may you ask? Well we do not know where he was, but from the conversations he was having with his personalities, it was clear that he was not gone for good – “The Beast” would return and show the world his power.

What was even more unnerving was that Kevin was not the only one who had this condition and the ability to be what they can be whatever they believed themselves to be. Mr Glass was mentioned – a man who was in a wheelchair and disappeared 15 years ago….

The suspicious male who knew his name was sitting on a chair and had a feeling of eeriness to him. Was he Mr Glass? He could be? If a man could turn into a beast, a handicapped man could walk?

Final Thoughts?

I knew that Split would be fast paced and gripping, but what I was most surprised about was the effortless acting from James McAvoy. The way he portrayed those contrasting personalities and pulled us along in Kevin’s battle for the limelight was mesmerising. I was constantly on my toes, waiting for the door to unlock or for someone to jump out on the screen.

Bye for now.

The murder of David Walker is skin deep: riddled with lies and fake alibies, will the detectives get any closer to finding the killer? (Spoiler Alert)

We were again intrigued by the latest episode of Unforgotten. When we thought that we have heard it all, we were then hit by another set of twists. Our grasp and understanding of the murder of David Walker was constantly changing.

The plot

With Colin Osborne, Marian and Mrs Sara Mahmoud all hiding something, when they were later revealed meeting up in a quiet part of the pub at the end of the previous episode, it was no surprise that all their alibies were being checked. Their darkest secrets and regrets were coming to light, because of the determined and detail seeking detectives.

Is Colin in hot water after his involvement in the murder case is used as a bribe?

Colin Osborne was a well-respected barrister, but we soon found out that he was not as innocent, and maybe more guilty than his clients. His hidden and internally managed allegation of rape by a female colleague raised eyebrows on how genuine he really was. Colin was also in trouble with a man who wanted £25,000 in return for his quietness about Colin’s involvement in David’s murder case. It would affect his career massively. If it gets out and god forbid, his rape allegation is revealed, his career may be ruined?

This was in addition to the shock discovery that David Walker raped a 12 year old girl and accessed these girls through his volunteering with children’s charities and local hospitals. What a sick thought, but one thing that it does open up is the possibility that he was killed by victims that he wronged – as a way of revenge. The “gatherings” that he was invited to, which may have connected Colin, Marian and Sara Mahmoud involved giving children as young as 15 alcohol and drugs. David Walker was recognised by one of the victims who stated that “they did what he said” and let him do things to them.

Sara Mahmoud Unforgotten.jpg
Sara Mahmoud teaching her class but will she be teaching for long?

Mrs Sara Mahmoud was not out the woods either and with the recent confession of her past history  of prostitution to her husband, it somehow got out. Her son overheard her husband in an argument and found out… well it did not stay secret for long. Once one friend was told (in secrecy), it was not long until it had spread in school and in the mosque. Mrs Mahmood’s husband and son were now being judged for Sara’s actions that she committed at 21, before she went into teaching. How could she face school again?

Marian (left) had a rebellious past, but is it coming back to haunt her?

Marian also become more significant in the case, as evidence concluded that she lived with an IRA activist for a year, named Chenade Quinn. Chenade Quinn, newly released from jail, confirmed that Marian had asked her to kill David, as he was a supporter of Margaret Thatcher and the Torries at the time.

 Final Thoughts?

I must say, the quote “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover” is relevant here, as all their sinister and worrying pasts are definitely more shocking than I expected. The number of nooks and crannies in this case are only increasing, but with all these discoveries, the detectives must be closer to finding the killer or killers?

Let’s hope so….

Bye for now.

Case has opened up a lot of controversy, it will definitely not be a relaxing trip for the detectives! (Spoiler Alert)

The Icelandic series follows Detective Gabrielle and her colleague in their bid to solve complex and suspicious crimes.

This opening episode of Case was quick out the block and plunged us into a crime scene, where a ballerina, later named as Lara, was found hanging in the theatre. We were introduced to many characters, including Lara’s birth parents and her new parents,who after a custody report, got custody over her.

As the case started to unravel, some key information emerged…

The detectives met her friends in the academy including her best friend who went out to a dance with her, the night she died. She was last saw her on the dance floor… yet they did not look for or call her? Why?

Another suspicious character included Julius who worked at the academy. He revealed that Lara used to bring a change of clothes to the academy – a yellow top and black mini skirt, which he was later seen burning at the end of the episode. Did he have something to do with her death?

We also found out later on that Lara had committed suicide and Gudny and Jonus, her current parents were very shocked. They had no idea that she was unhappy or would do something like this. Her phone was also missing… so where was it? Who had it – the murderer? Is the phone the key?

Final Thoughts

With so many characters and stories, the truth beneath this case is still buried deep in lies and fake alibies. But soon enough… we will know and we will be closer to finding the killer or killers.

Case is definitely worth a watch and I promise you, you will not be able to look away! You will be intrigued from start to finish. There will be a lot more to come and twists will be revealed that blow your mind!

The next episodes can be binge watched online at More Four… you can watch them all in one go or once a week, it is up to you.

Bye for now.

What is Yvonne Carmichael really getting into? The BBC presents the gripping and raunchy Apple Tree Yard (Spolier Alert)

The BBC series Apple Tree Yard is based on the book by Louise Doughty and has casted the renowned british actress, Emily Watson, as Yvonne Carmichael. Other cast members include Ben Chaplin as Costley and Mark Bonner as Gary Carmichael, her husband.

The book cover for Apple Tree Yard by Louise Doughty

The plot

Costley and Yvonne in Apple Tree Yard

In this episode, Yvonne Carmichael, a Geneticist meets an unexpected stranger who influences her, not just in an emotional way, but a sexual way too. With trouble and suspicion surrounding her husband, Gary’s whereabouts, she embarks on a new, exciting relationship with Costley, a man that she met at a conference. He is charming, attractive and he makes Yvonne feel  wanted. Yvonne is no longer the sensible friend, but the friend who gets very close to a mysterious man in a chapel and in a side street – Apple Tree Yard. Their secret relationship got more serious – he gave her a phone and constantly texted and called her.

Yvonne in the office before getting a taxi from the party

It was all going well, until she was caught at a party. A colleague saw her text “JBILF” which was later revealed as “jelly bean I would like to….”. The colleague offered to share a taxi back from the party with her and invited her to his office while he packed his bag. He tried to kiss her. When she told him “not to be silly”, he got aggressive and attacked her – he knew she was having an affair and that if she moved, he would hit her again! He raped her and she was going in and out of focus.

We were then showed scenes of her in a prison of some sort – she was in there for some reason but what was it? She said “Fear… that’s what makes animals of all of us” – so was it the man who abused her in the office who made her do bad things or was it the mysterious man she was having secret relations with? Who Knows??


But really who is this mystery man? She does not know his name and is very suspicious of his job in the Civil Service? Is he hiding something and is he dangerous? He might be… but has she fallen for him and the way he makes her feel?

I found this episode gripping and very sexualised. The character of Costley is charming, but deep down, something is going on. Jvonne looks innocent, but she yearns for more. I do not want Yvonne to get hurt any more and I feel like when I watch her, I am on constant fear that something will happen. I just hope that we get to find out more about him and the truth in the next episode.

If you were a fan of Dr Forster, than you will definitely be a fan of this. You can catch up on the first episode on BBC Iplayer. The next episode is this Sunday at 9pm.

Bye for now.


La La Land is a delight to watch and will make your day more musical! (Spolier Alert)

La La Land has been hyped up as one of the best films released in 2017 and has won Seven Golden Globes and dominates Oscar nominations. I have been so excited to see and review it, as I have heard many good things.

La La Land is an upbeat musical which will make you feel good. The cast include Emma Stone as Mia and Ryan Gosling as Sebastian.

The plot

La La Land follows Mia, an aspiring actress and Sebastian, a dedicated jazz musician (Rotten Tomatoes, 2016). They are struggling to keep their head above water. They both meet in Lighthouse Bar and their lives change. They grew closer to each other and tried to balance their relationship around their work. There were moments where Sebastian and Mia found success at the expense of the other, and this created tensions in their relationship. Despite this, they always found each other and resolved their issues.

There were beautiful scenes of their friendship blossoming, with moments of romance and anticipation. They are connected by the struggle to achieve their dream and the way they interacted with each other is mesmerizing.

The very opening scene was very outgoing, with a sudden burst of song. It started with a young girl and her sweet voice, then it became a big production. Residents stood on their cars and sang about about “Another Day of Sun”.

The cast performing “Another Day of Sun” in the opening of the film

La La Land is very much about dancing and singing, and it is no surprise that the best scenes contain both. One that came to mind included when Mia was walking back to her car after a party. He walked with her to her car and on the way, they stopped to look at the view. He broke into song and starts to tap dance. They started to tap dance together with the beautiful backdrop. Their movements just flowed beautifully together.

Mia had auditioned for many parts and had not been successful, but this one was different. She was auditioning for a role in a television series, and she was asked to tell a story. She told them about her grandma and her adventures. She exploded into song – her voice as a sound of perfection, and as I was watched her sing, I felt myself get goosebumps.

Another example included the first time they could have met and the events that followed. He was playing his beautiful melody on the piano in the LightHouse Bar and she finds comfort in it. Their eyes meet and you can see how much they were going to influence each other. The way he played his piece was the equivalent of a cup of herbal tea – it made you melt inside, your worries just disappearing for a few minutes. She went to congratulate him and they kissed. From then their live revolved around each other and they started a family together.

Mia (Emma Stone) in the Lighthouse Bar, where she first met Sebastian

It was not just the heartwarming scenes that impacted us, it was also the music.

The song “City of the Stars”  was positive and emotional and talks about the achievement of the dreams. It was communicated so beautifully in the song that we felt it too.

Sebastian was a very talented Jazz musician, and one of his pieces stood out amongst them all. This was the tune that Mia remembered him by and the tune that began his career.



La La Land showed the struggles that people face to achieving their dreams, and it taught us a valuable lesson:  that you will fail on multiple occasions but you will eventually succeed. The film also gave us a warm feeling in our hearts as we saw their relationship grow so strongly. It will make you day shine a little brighter and you will be singing the soundtracks in your head for a few days.

Anyone would like this film. Its enticing, upbeat and highly entertaining. The acting is beautiful and the storyline is relatable to current society.


Sherlock came face to face with the biggest secret, but could he solve the final problem? (Spolier Alert)

There were developments in the closing scenes of the last Sherlock episode and it left us hanging….. but the truth was finally revealed in the explosive episode.

The plot

The girl on the plane required Sherlock’s help to land the plane. But who was the girl and how relevant is she in the case?

The hour and a half episode opened with a young girl. She was on plane and had awoken to find all the air masks down. Her mother was not responding and she was alone on the plane, heading towards the sea. We also heard a phone call and Moriati was on the other end. Moriarty is dead? or is he? She would prove to be very important throughout the episode.


Now where have we seen that name before? If you watch the last episode again, you may see some clues?

Eurus Sherlock holmes.png
Eurus in the secure Sherrinford facility

In this episode, we met Sherlocks secret sister, Eurus, who was being kept in a secret facility, called Sherrinford, surrounded by miles of water.

Sherrinford is a fortress protecting the world from what is inside it”confirmed Mycroft.

Mycroft knew about Eurus and had kept it from Sherlock as she was criminally insane. Not only did Mycroft know, but Moriarty had visited Eurus as a christmas present five years before he died and had a five minute unsupervised conversation. Mycroft told Sherlock that there were three of them but it was like Sherlock had completely forgotten her. He started to remember her and the song she repeated on many occasions.. the song Sherlock could not solve it.

Sherlock visited the facility to see Eurus and the the security of the facility gave us an insight of how dangerous she really was. Eurus was being held in a glass cube, located in the centre of a large room. She looked rather pale and creepy, but this was nothing compared to her knowledge. According to Mycroft, Sherlock was clever, but Eurus was described as a “Genius beyond Newton”. Eurus was dangerous and set fire to her home, and because of this was sent away.

She was playing the violin, a talent that she had taught him. The way she talked to Sherlock was disturbing… she knew everything about him and brought up awful memories of Sherlock’s childhood. Yet she never had existed in his memories… he did not remember her. It was not until she asked him to get closer to the glass, that he remembered and the terrible things she did.

Sherlock is encouraged to touch the glass by his captive sister, Eurus.

This was only the start of Sherlock’s problems. Sherlock thought the facility was secure, but when Sherlock walked up to the glass, he realised that it was only a trick of the mind. It was transparent and she was in charge of the facility. All the guards that had entered were brainwashed and in her control.

How she got out of the facility to pose as Faith and Watson’s  girl now became obvious.

Sherlock, Watson and Mycroft woke up in a room. They were in some kind of game and she was testing them. She was clever and the games were ruthless, one of which included included a young child on a plane. She was on her own and the plane was crashing. Sherlock was asked to save her. Every time Sherlock was getting somewhere with the little girl, Eurus cut off the line with another challenge…. all gruesome with the intention to damage or kill.

This continued for a while, as Sherlock, Watson and Mycroft moved from room to room. Recordings of Moriati blasting out the speakers, like a constant reminder of Sherlock’s struggle. On one occasion, Sherlock was asked to kill his friend, Watson or his brother, Mycroft. Sherlock was not prepared to kill Watson and he held the gun at Mycroft, intending to pull the trigger. Sherlock was prepared to kill himself for Watson and Mycroft. They were tranquilized before Sherlock could pull the trigger and ruin the game.

The truth about “Redbeard”

Sherlock and Watson then woke up and found themselves in separate rooms. Sherlock was surrounded by family photos, while Watson was in a dark place. Watson’s feet were wet and he was standing in water. Amongst the water, were little bones, which at first they thought were Redbeard’s.

Eurus talked about “Redbeard”, Sherlock’s childhood dog who disappeared one day and never returned. Sherlock had been distraught that day, as Redbeard was his best friend.

Eurus revealed that “Redbeard” was not a dog, but a young boy.. it was Trevor who sherlock used to play with as a child.

Eurus had no one so killed him and left him in the well… the very well that Watson was standing in!

Sherlock was asked to solve the final puzzle – the meaning of his sisters song was linked to numbers on the grave stones. From that he gathered lyrics “”I am lost, help me brother”, “Bring me home” and “Seek my room”. The song was a plea for help!

Sherlock looked for Eurus and found out that she was the little girl in the plane – that every time she closed her eyes, she was trapped in her mind. Sherlock helped Eurus overcome her nightmare and she eventually was free from it.

I know Eurus was complicated but it seemed that she  had both a good and bad side: one very psychotic and one very vulnerable.

Sherlock and Eurus helped to save Watson from the well and Eurus eventually found peace, back in her contained cell at Sherrinford. Sherlock was happy to be reunited with his sister and played the violin with her.


It was a great episode and not short of surprises. The thought processes of both Eurus and Sherlock were beyond me but highly entertaining.

It probably also make sense to watch it before you read the review as there are things I have not mentioned in full. If I did, the review would be unbelievably long and very boring to read. And none of us would expect an episode of Sherlock to be simple….

What a comforting yet creepy end to series four.

If you are confused or have any questions, feel free to comment!

Bye for now.


Scorsese’s message is definitely not Silent…Its loud in importance!

The film is not for the faint hearted! It is heartbreaking and gruesome at times! Despite this, It was hard to look away. Martin Scorsese directed this 2016 film and he did a good job of it. The plot includes main actors: Andrew Garfield as Sebastião Rodrigues, Adam Driver as Francisco Garupe and Liam Neeson as Father Cristóvão Ferreira

The plot

Silence was based in Japan in the year 1633. At this time, Christianity was unacceptable and supporters of this religion andGod were told to “stand on a picture of their god”, and they would be set free. If they didn’t they would be tortured or killed.


Father Sebastião Rodrigues (played by Andrew Garfield)

Silence was a film following two priests (Father Sebastião Rodrigues and Father Francisco Garupe) who travelled to Japan to rescue Father Ferreira, who was rumoured to have surrendered his religion of  christianity and stayed in Japan. The two priests went to find him,  entering Japan, with a high risk of being caught and killed because of their beliefs.

They wanted to spread the word of Christianity and support Christians who were hiding from the Japanese. They came across a group of Christians who prayed in secret and hid God memorabilia. This did not get past the Japanese authorities and slowly they were picked and killed.

An iconic, if torturous scene included the death of three men. They were tried to crosses in a low lying rocky area by the sea. Slowly, as the water rose throughout the night, they drowned with one man surviving for four days. He spent his last day singing a happy tune whilst being battered by the waves.

Of the group of Christians the Padres met, a few gave in to the pressure and sinned on multiple occasions. They stepped onto the photo of their God, when asked and sinned. Father Sebastião Rodrigues and Father Francisco Garupe, however kept their faith and continued to help others. This was at the expense of others lives, as the padres’ belief in Christianity fueled the religion and members died as a result. They had both watched their followers die and as much as they wanted to get involved, it was their choice to stick to their values. They felt guilty and horrified by the scenes of torture and death.

Father Sebastião Rodrigues and Father Francisco Garupe (the padres’) split up as they were wanted by the Japanese, with a money reward for bringing him in. Father Rodrigues was found by one of his Christian followers who handed him to the Japanese for the money incentive. At this time he was unaware of where his fellow padre was, Father Francisco Garupe.

He was taken as hostage and offered a choice. Padre Rodrigues could save all the hostages if he goes against God and Christianity or they would be killed. He refused to betray God and they suffered. He felt guilty but he knew that if he gave up, than other Christians would not have anyone to believe it.

Whilst he was being imprisoned, Christians were still being killed. A group of Christians refused to defy God and stand on the picture of him. They were taken away and just as Padre Rodrigues felt glad, he heard an awful scream and to find a head of one of his followers rolling on the ground. They had chopped off all their heads in front of their family friends.

Padre Rodrigues was escorted to a beach, but not for a relaxing time out. The japanese bought a group of Christians and attempted to wrap them in a wooden rug. They then put them on a boat and stopped in a deep area in the sea. One of these victims was his fellow padre Francisco Garupe. One by one they pushed the victims off the boat where they were drowned and and pulled down by the weight of the wooden rug. Padre Francisco Garupe went over the save them and stop them from drowning and as a result of this he was held down in the water, drowning with the other victims.

Sebastião Rodrigues was angry, upset and trying to fight through the group of men who were blocking his path – they stopped him from saving his friend and followers. She was made to watch it all and live through the horror of it in his head. He was taken back to the camp and slept badly, visualising his friend float in the water.


Father Ferreira before he defied Christianity and remained in Japan.

Later on in his imprisonment, he met the very man he was coming to find.. Father Ferreira who was not the same man he thought he knew. He was studying astronomy and wiring a book unmasking Christianity. He no longer believed in God, Christianity and had adopted a Japanese name and attitude. Father Ferreira had to been presented with the pressure to defy God and stand on the picture… he did.

People were still dying because of him… was he right to stick to his faith or should be surrender?

He had completely lost his faith and had realised that God was not answering his calls. It was just… silence.

When presented with the opportunity again to support or defy God, he made a decision to go against his God. He fell to the ground and cried… he had sinned and had deserted his friends and followers.

In 1941, he was now living in Japan, alongside Father Ferreira and in this time he wrote a book on the lost priests. He married a dead victims wife he lived a long life. He died at an old age with no attempt to pray or plead to God. He was buried the Buddhist way and was laid to rest. But that they did not know was that inside his hand, that was clenched, laid a figurine of God.

All those years, he was following Japanese values, but inside he still loved God and stayed by him at his death.

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This  film was long, approximately 159 minutes but it was two and a half hour of passion and grit. Following your religion is one thing, but following it, knowing that it is hurting others is another. The nice thing to remember is that although Padre  Rodrigues chose to follow Japan, he still believed in God and died peacefully, holding the lord in his hand.

You may enjoy this film more than you think.

Bye for now.