Let It Shine sets the bar high not bar low!

Last night was the launch of Gary Barlow’s new talent show, Let It shine on BBC 1. The show comprises of a panel of four judges and our much loved Graham Norton and Mel Giedroyc as presenters.

Judges left to right: Amber Riley, Gary Barlow, Dannii Minogue and Martin Kemp, joined by Graham Norton (back left) and Mel Giedroyc (back right).

The show claims to be different and “nicer” than other talent shows currently broadcasted (The Voice, X Factor and BGT). The show also offers the contestants a different prize for winning. Instead of one winner getting a recording contract, four boys will be chosen and join together in a Take That musical, in which they will sing Take That songs.

So what does the show involve? 

Well a group of boys perform in front of the judges and judges are blown away by the performances – regulally standing up and singing along.They then mark the singer out of 5 and the score is added up and revealed by the “star walk”. The stars light up and the number of stars that light up represent the total score they get (out of 20).

Is it as good or better than other talent shows out there?

Well it is debatable…

Let it Shine does not have the notorious Simon Cowell to critique contestants with his honest opinion. Simon makes the X Factor entertaining and it seems a bit boring when he is not around.

Secondly, all the singers  on Let it Shine are amazing and they have clearly gone through a rigorous selection process to get onto the show. This means that we are only seeing the best talent and we are all intrigued when watching them on the television.

This is slightly contrasting, but I know that some people like to see “bad acts” as they are entertaining. Whether good acts are as entertaining as those who are atrocious, I don’t know but acts like these sometimes are the main reason why people watch the show.

Acts like Stavros Flatley on BGT and Ariel  Burdett, the holistic vocal coach on the X Factor comes to mind.

Lastly Let it Shine judges the contestants in a different way and combines both verbal feedback and the use of the “star walk”. Its a fresh new outlook to most of the talent shows out there already.

Is it worth watching?

Let It Shine has only had one episode so it is hard to tell but it is safe to say that Gary Barlow is back for good.

If you missed it then get ready for it! Grab your cup of tea and let the talent amaze you!

Bye for now.



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