Sherlock came face to face with the biggest secret, but could he solve the final problem? (Spolier Alert)

There were developments in the closing scenes of the last Sherlock episode and it left us hanging….. but the truth was finally revealed in the explosive episode.

The plot

The girl on the plane required Sherlock’s help to land the plane. But who was the girl and how relevant is she in the case?

The hour and a half episode opened with a young girl. She was on plane and had awoken to find all the air masks down. Her mother was not responding and she was alone on the plane, heading towards the sea. We also heard a phone call and Moriati was on the other end. Moriarty is dead? or is he? She would prove to be very important throughout the episode.


Now where have we seen that name before? If you watch the last episode again, you may see some clues?

Eurus Sherlock holmes.png
Eurus in the secure Sherrinford facility

In this episode, we met Sherlocks secret sister, Eurus, who was being kept in a secret facility, called Sherrinford, surrounded by miles of water.

Sherrinford is a fortress protecting the world from what is inside it”confirmed Mycroft.

Mycroft knew about Eurus and had kept it from Sherlock as she was criminally insane. Not only did Mycroft know, but Moriarty had visited Eurus as a christmas present five years before he died and had a five minute unsupervised conversation. Mycroft told Sherlock that there were three of them but it was like Sherlock had completely forgotten her. He started to remember her and the song she repeated on many occasions.. the song Sherlock could not solve it.

Sherlock visited the facility to see Eurus and the the security of the facility gave us an insight of how dangerous she really was. Eurus was being held in a glass cube, located in the centre of a large room. She looked rather pale and creepy, but this was nothing compared to her knowledge. According to Mycroft, Sherlock was clever, but Eurus was described as a “Genius beyond Newton”. Eurus was dangerous and set fire to her home, and because of this was sent away.

She was playing the violin, a talent that she had taught him. The way she talked to Sherlock was disturbing… she knew everything about him and brought up awful memories of Sherlock’s childhood. Yet she never had existed in his memories… he did not remember her. It was not until she asked him to get closer to the glass, that he remembered and the terrible things she did.

Sherlock is encouraged to touch the glass by his captive sister, Eurus.

This was only the start of Sherlock’s problems. Sherlock thought the facility was secure, but when Sherlock walked up to the glass, he realised that it was only a trick of the mind. It was transparent and she was in charge of the facility. All the guards that had entered were brainwashed and in her control.

How she got out of the facility to pose as Faith and Watson’s  girl now became obvious.

Sherlock, Watson and Mycroft woke up in a room. They were in some kind of game and she was testing them. She was clever and the games were ruthless, one of which included included a young child on a plane. She was on her own and the plane was crashing. Sherlock was asked to save her. Every time Sherlock was getting somewhere with the little girl, Eurus cut off the line with another challenge…. all gruesome with the intention to damage or kill.

This continued for a while, as Sherlock, Watson and Mycroft moved from room to room. Recordings of Moriati blasting out the speakers, like a constant reminder of Sherlock’s struggle. On one occasion, Sherlock was asked to kill his friend, Watson or his brother, Mycroft. Sherlock was not prepared to kill Watson and he held the gun at Mycroft, intending to pull the trigger. Sherlock was prepared to kill himself for Watson and Mycroft. They were tranquilized before Sherlock could pull the trigger and ruin the game.

The truth about “Redbeard”

Sherlock and Watson then woke up and found themselves in separate rooms. Sherlock was surrounded by family photos, while Watson was in a dark place. Watson’s feet were wet and he was standing in water. Amongst the water, were little bones, which at first they thought were Redbeard’s.

Eurus talked about “Redbeard”, Sherlock’s childhood dog who disappeared one day and never returned. Sherlock had been distraught that day, as Redbeard was his best friend.

Eurus revealed that “Redbeard” was not a dog, but a young boy.. it was Trevor who sherlock used to play with as a child.

Eurus had no one so killed him and left him in the well… the very well that Watson was standing in!

Sherlock was asked to solve the final puzzle – the meaning of his sisters song was linked to numbers on the grave stones. From that he gathered lyrics “”I am lost, help me brother”, “Bring me home” and “Seek my room”. The song was a plea for help!

Sherlock looked for Eurus and found out that she was the little girl in the plane – that every time she closed her eyes, she was trapped in her mind. Sherlock helped Eurus overcome her nightmare and she eventually was free from it.

I know Eurus was complicated but it seemed that she  had both a good and bad side: one very psychotic and one very vulnerable.

Sherlock and Eurus helped to save Watson from the well and Eurus eventually found peace, back in her contained cell at Sherrinford. Sherlock was happy to be reunited with his sister and played the violin with her.


It was a great episode and not short of surprises. The thought processes of both Eurus and Sherlock were beyond me but highly entertaining.

It probably also make sense to watch it before you read the review as there are things I have not mentioned in full. If I did, the review would be unbelievably long and very boring to read. And none of us would expect an episode of Sherlock to be simple….

What a comforting yet creepy end to series four.

If you are confused or have any questions, feel free to comment!

Bye for now.



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