La La Land is a delight to watch and will make your day more musical! (Spolier Alert)

La La Land has been hyped up as one of the best films released in 2017 and has won Seven Golden Globes and dominates Oscar nominations. I have been so excited to see and review it, as I have heard many good things.

La La Land is an upbeat musical which will make you feel good. The cast include Emma Stone as Mia and Ryan Gosling as Sebastian.

The plot

La La Land follows Mia, an aspiring actress and Sebastian, a dedicated jazz musician (Rotten Tomatoes, 2016). They are struggling to keep their head above water. They both meet in Lighthouse Bar and their lives change. They grew closer to each other and tried to balance their relationship around their work. There were moments where Sebastian and Mia found success at the expense of the other, and this created tensions in their relationship. Despite this, they always found each other and resolved their issues.

There were beautiful scenes of their friendship blossoming, with moments of romance and anticipation. They are connected by the struggle to achieve their dream and the way they interacted with each other is mesmerizing.

The very opening scene was very outgoing, with a sudden burst of song. It started with a young girl and her sweet voice, then it became a big production. Residents stood on their cars and sang about about “Another Day of Sun”.

The cast performing “Another Day of Sun” in the opening of the film

La La Land is very much about dancing and singing, and it is no surprise that the best scenes contain both. One that came to mind included when Mia was walking back to her car after a party. He walked with her to her car and on the way, they stopped to look at the view. He broke into song and starts to tap dance. They started to tap dance together with the beautiful backdrop. Their movements just flowed beautifully together.

Mia had auditioned for many parts and had not been successful, but this one was different. She was auditioning for a role in a television series, and she was asked to tell a story. She told them about her grandma and her adventures. She exploded into song – her voice as a sound of perfection, and as I was watched her sing, I felt myself get goosebumps.

Another example included the first time they could have met and the events that followed. He was playing his beautiful melody on the piano in the LightHouse Bar and she finds comfort in it. Their eyes meet and you can see how much they were going to influence each other. The way he played his piece was the equivalent of a cup of herbal tea – it made you melt inside, your worries just disappearing for a few minutes. She went to congratulate him and they kissed. From then their live revolved around each other and they started a family together.

Mia (Emma Stone) in the Lighthouse Bar, where she first met Sebastian

It was not just the heartwarming scenes that impacted us, it was also the music.

The song “City of the Stars”  was positive and emotional and talks about the achievement of the dreams. It was communicated so beautifully in the song that we felt it too.

Sebastian was a very talented Jazz musician, and one of his pieces stood out amongst them all. This was the tune that Mia remembered him by and the tune that began his career.



La La Land showed the struggles that people face to achieving their dreams, and it taught us a valuable lesson:  that you will fail on multiple occasions but you will eventually succeed. The film also gave us a warm feeling in our hearts as we saw their relationship grow so strongly. It will make you day shine a little brighter and you will be singing the soundtracks in your head for a few days.

Anyone would like this film. Its enticing, upbeat and highly entertaining. The acting is beautiful and the storyline is relatable to current society.



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