The murder of David Walker is skin deep: riddled with lies and fake alibies, will the detectives get any closer to finding the killer? (Spoiler Alert)

We were again intrigued by the latest episode of Unforgotten. When we thought that we have heard it all, we were then hit by another set of twists. Our grasp and understanding of the murder of David Walker was constantly changing.

The plot

With Colin Osborne, Marian and Mrs Sara Mahmoud all hiding something, when they were later revealed meeting up in a quiet part of the pub at the end of the previous episode, it was no surprise that all their alibies were being checked. Their darkest secrets and regrets were coming to light, because of the determined and detail seeking detectives.

Is Colin in hot water after his involvement in the murder case is used as a bribe?

Colin Osborne was a well-respected barrister, but we soon found out that he was not as innocent, and maybe more guilty than his clients. His hidden and internally managed allegation of rape by a female colleague raised eyebrows on how genuine he really was. Colin was also in trouble with a man who wanted £25,000 in return for his quietness about Colin’s involvement in David’s murder case. It would affect his career massively. If it gets out and god forbid, his rape allegation is revealed, his career may be ruined?

This was in addition to the shock discovery that David Walker raped a 12 year old girl and accessed these girls through his volunteering with children’s charities and local hospitals. What a sick thought, but one thing that it does open up is the possibility that he was killed by victims that he wronged – as a way of revenge. The “gatherings” that he was invited to, which may have connected Colin, Marian and Sara Mahmoud involved giving children as young as 15 alcohol and drugs. David Walker was recognised by one of the victims who stated that “they did what he said” and let him do things to them.

Sara Mahmoud Unforgotten.jpg
Sara Mahmoud teaching her class but will she be teaching for long?

Mrs Sara Mahmoud was not out the woods either and with the recent confession of her past history  of prostitution to her husband, it somehow got out. Her son overheard her husband in an argument and found out… well it did not stay secret for long. Once one friend was told (in secrecy), it was not long until it had spread in school and in the mosque. Mrs Mahmood’s husband and son were now being judged for Sara’s actions that she committed at 21, before she went into teaching. How could she face school again?

Marian (left) had a rebellious past, but is it coming back to haunt her?

Marian also become more significant in the case, as evidence concluded that she lived with an IRA activist for a year, named Chenade Quinn. Chenade Quinn, newly released from jail, confirmed that Marian had asked her to kill David, as he was a supporter of Margaret Thatcher and the Torries at the time.

 Final Thoughts?

I must say, the quote “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover” is relevant here, as all their sinister and worrying pasts are definitely more shocking than I expected. The number of nooks and crannies in this case are only increasing, but with all these discoveries, the detectives must be closer to finding the killer or killers?

Let’s hope so….

Bye for now.


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