Do you have split reactions about Kevin and his 23 personalities? (Spoiler Alert)

Split is directed by M. Night Shyamalan and has definitely made a loud comeback. The 2016 horror and thriller is available to see in all good cinemas. The cast of Split includes the Scottish actor James McAvoy, as Kevin, Anya Taylor-Joy as Casey and Betty Buckley as Dr Karen Fletcher.

The plot

Dennis (acted by James Mcavoy) in their car.
Casey (acted by Anya Taylor-Joy) in shock when she saw that she was in the car with a stranger.

Kevin was a man with 23 personalities – all different in age, IQ and nature. While Dennis was the control, three girls were kidnapped and taken to an underground building with dark corridors, cells and no windows. Casey, Chloe and Claire were all held in a cell with beds. They tried to outdo Dennis, but there was more to him than they knew.

Claire and Chloe in the cell that they were kept in, when in Kevin’s care.
Kevin as “Hedwig” – a young nine year old
Kevin as “Patricia” – a mother like figure who likes control

They discovered that he was not only Dennis, but he was also Barry (an artist), Patricia (a mother like figure), Jade (sensitive, young man) and Hedwig (A young nine year old). Whilst Barry was creative and kind in nature, Hedwig was dramatically different and very immature. Patricia and Dennis were the two leading personalities who had been previously pushed out but had returned and were taking control of Kevin’s body, protecting him. These two personalities were disciplined and rather OCD about mess.

Kevin as “The Beast” – a stronger, animal like form that Kevin can adopt.

One by one, the girls tried to escape and got desperate to do so when they were warned about a visit from “The Beast”… The Beast represented a stronger, taller and more animal like personality existing in Kevin. The Beast was hard to escape from and Chloe and Claire were both attacked and killed by “The Beast”. Casey found a way out of her cell and walked into the store room where Chloe was being eaten alive….

Casey tried to run from “The Beast”, but found herself trapped. She shot him in the chest with a rifle that she found in his office. However he was impenetrable and Casey had finally realised that she would not make it out alive.

When we all thought it was over for Casey, it all changed. “The Beast” had his values.. he spared those who were pure. Casey, was of course pure, quiet and she was later rescued by a groundsman, from the deserted cell.

Why was Kevin different?

Kevin had a condition that allowed him to have all these personalities. Dr Karen Fletcher was working with him and helping Kevin to control his personalities. She did not believe Kevin when he talked about “The Beast” and thought it was a story, however she was wrong to doubt Kevin.

Kevin and his various personalities made him unpredictable and his ability to hold a few at one time made him extremely dangerous. His individual personalities were not all seen in the film however Barry, Dennis, Patricia, Hedwig and Jade were revealed. His last mysterious personality was revealed towards the end and “The Beast” was the most terrifying of all.

Where was Kevin now may you ask? Well we do not know where he was, but from the conversations he was having with his personalities, it was clear that he was not gone for good – “The Beast” would return and show the world his power.

What was even more unnerving was that Kevin was not the only one who had this condition and the ability to be what they can be whatever they believed themselves to be. Mr Glass was mentioned – a man who was in a wheelchair and disappeared 15 years ago….

The suspicious male who knew his name was sitting on a chair and had a feeling of eeriness to him. Was he Mr Glass? He could be? If a man could turn into a beast, a handicapped man could walk?

Final Thoughts?

I knew that Split would be fast paced and gripping, but what I was most surprised about was the effortless acting from James McAvoy. The way he portrayed those contrasting personalities and pulled us along in Kevin’s battle for the limelight was mesmerising. I was constantly on my toes, waiting for the door to unlock or for someone to jump out on the screen.

Bye for now.


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