Pablo Larraín has upheld Jackie’s legacy but was the film a bit short on her life? (Spoiler Alert)

Jackie was released in cinemas on the 20th January and it has received mixed reviews. Natalie Portman starred as the stylish and modest Jackie, first lady and wife of Jack Kennedy (JFK).

Natalie Portman as Jackie Kennedy

Natalie Portman portrayed her beautifully and gave us an insight into her and JFKs legacy.  The figure of Jackie was always on point, but she was far from perfect. She held herself at a time of tragedy so well but she was also human and had to cope with her grief in the spotlight.  That will have been difficult.

The Plot

The film followed the actions of Jackie before and after the assassination of her husband, Jack Kennedy.

She was an inspirational leading lady that the people looked up to and respected at a time of tragedy.  She was an incredible women… not only did she need to be strong for her children, she was needed to be strong for her country. She had to stand up to those who murdered her husband and prove that she was not baffled, that she was not afraid.

Jackie walking out in the procession - Jackie 2017.jpg
Jackie walking out with her children in the procession after her husband’s death

She sat in the car next to her dead husband and tried to stop the bleeding. She walked off the plane covered in his blood and walked in the procession through the streets despite the danger and threat. She supported her husband in all his endeavours and upheld his legacy after his death… gave him the recognition that he deserved from his position as the President of the US!

The plot of this film is quite simple and is probably known by many who are aware of this time in history.

Final Thoughts

I enjoyed the film and praised its outcome, however I was slightly disappointed. The film showed one moment of their lives – JFK assassination and her response to it. Although it was an important part in history, I would have liked to have seen more of her life and find out more about her history – what she was like before she met him and how their relationship blossomed to the final chapter of her life.

I was expecting more from the film and thought it would more educational than drama.It could be interesting to watch or just a waste of a few hours… I will let you decide?

Bye for now.




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