So the secret is out but will George stay quiet? Or will he use it as ammunition?

This is the second episode of the four part drama, Apple Tree Yard and what a cracker it was! Yvonne has embarked on a dangerous relationship with a man that is known as Mr X (known to us as Costley). In the previous episode, we saw Yvonne get raped in her colleague in his office by George, after he found out about the affair.

The plot

The rape incident in George’s office shown in the last episode

She thought that it was over one he left, but George was not going to let go that easily.  It was hard for Yvonne to go to work, knowing what George worked alongside her. Seeing his name on an email and noticing him in the street was all too much for Yvonne and she decided that she would leave her job, leave work.

George was in a local corner shop late at night.. But why was he there.. was he stalking Yvonne or just shopping?

He started to stalk her and she got scared, terrified that he would attack again. She went to Mr X, Costley, for guidance. Costley, his name still unknown to her, wanted to get George back for what he had done to her. He organised for her to meet a man who could talk over the options with her, and this was when we heard what he did and what he said. It was one slap on the back of the hand and that was it. She described how she was drunk and at one point he said “now give me your mouth”. Her recollection was slow, as if she was scared to reveal what really happened to her, to admit it out loud the awful flashbacks she was having in her head.

In this episode I really felt for Yvonne as she was scared for her life. To counteract that though, her poor husband still did not know about Mr X or the affair. He had only recently admitted that on his trip to Estonia, he had a fling with one of his colleagues. She was angry, and I would be if I was her, but she was unfaithful too? How can she punish her husband and make him feel guilty when she is having sex with another man behind his back?

I know that at some point, something will happen. She may find out who Mr X really is, her husband may find out about the affair or worse, George may hurt her again. There are definitely more skeletons in the closet that are preparing to come out….

Again at the end of the episode we were shown a court scene and she was in the stand – a women shouting at her:”F*****g bitch” and “You have destroyed our lives”.

So what has happened? Has something happened to George and has Costley bought her into it?

Final Thoughts

I was on the edge of my seat and just hoped that nothing more could happen to her. The court scene has definitely got us thinking of what could happen and what could be finally revealed, not only to her family and friends but to the court.

We will just have to wait until Sunday to find out!

Bye for now



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