The Trainspotting boys are back but will they still get on twenty years later? (Spoiler Alert!)

Trainspotting, originally released in 1996 followed the lives of five young men and their involvement in a drug alliance and campaign. The plot of the original Trainspotting film included Spud, Sick Boy (now Simon) and Begbie (now Franco) being swindled out of their £4,000 share by Renton (now Mark), who left the group with all the money.

Trainspotting T2, set in the iconic city of Edinburgh and directed by Danny Boyle, was set 20 years later. Their lives had now moved on, however even now, tension, disappointment and anger surrounded the events that took place 20 years ago.

The cast included Ewan Mcgregor as Renton, Robert Carlyle as Begbie,  Ewen Bremmer as Spud and Jonny Lee Miller as Sick Boy.

The plot

Renton (Mark) returned back to Edinburgh and was greeted by his old friends, Spud and Sick Boy (Simon). They were not happy to see him, if anything, they hated him and wanted to get revenge. Most of this anger was communicated through fights and a lot of swearing! If you drank every time one of the characters swore, you would probably be very drunk by the end of it.

Spud and Renton (Mark) on the till having a heart to heart

There were many iconic scenes in the films, including a heart to heart between Renton (Mark) and Spud, overlooking a beautiful natural, green landscape. Renton (Mark) provided some friendly advice to Spud regarding his drug addiction. Spud was addicted again and he was struggling to quit, and live. Renton (Mark) told him to “Be addicted to something else? Boxing” and even though they have their differences, it was like they had never been apart.

Franco screaming over cubicle T2 trainspotting.jpg
Begbie (Franco) in the toilet cubicle

While Renton (Mark) was a gentle character, Begbie (Franco) was the opposite. He had a sense of threat to him – the kind of guy that you would try to avoid at any cost. His violent and forceful nature was not only towards his son, but also towards Renton (Mark). Begbie (Franco) visited the club that Sick Boy (Simon) and Renton (Mark) were clubbing at and Renton bumped into him in the neighbouring toilet cubicle. When they both realised, it was like a war started. Begbie (Franco) climbed onto the toilet seat and screamed into the cubicle, it was utterly terrifying. Begbie (Franco) chased Renton (Mark) out of the club and into a carpark, before losing him on the open road.

Begbie (Franco) was not finished with his quest for revenge… he crafted a plan and trapped Spud, Sick Boy (Simon) and Renton (Mark) in the “Port Sunshine” pub (the pub which Sick Boy and Spud were investing in and decorating) and chased Renton down. He attempted to strangle Renton (Mark) with random cables hanging from the the ceiling. Renton (Mark) was saved by Sick Boy (Simon). They had eventually forgiven him

There was really no way that Begbie (Fanco) could forgive Renton (Mark) as he was the reason that he was in jail. Sick Boy (Simon) and Spud became good friends with Renton by the end of the film, which was nice, because at least they had found some common ground.

My Thoughts

The film was not really to my taste and was a bit too “over the top” violent for me.  I just found a lot of these boyish fights and death attempts (mostly the plot in general) unnecessary. Again you may disagree and that is fine.

By no means are my reservations towards the film down to the acting. No the acting was fantastic. Ewan Mcgregor as Renton was very inspirational and Robert Carlyle as Begbie  was extremely terrifying (but in a good way).

If you liked Trainspotting, 1996, then you will definitely like this!

Feel free to contact me or comment with any of your thoughts on this movie or review in general.

Bye for now.








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