When you are stranded in the Indian Ocean, is all lost? “All is lost” is gripping and very tense!

Last night I was watched film 4 and a premier of “All is Lost” was showing. The 2013 drama survival and thriller film was directed by J. C. Chandor. The plot followed Robert Redford who’s boat got damaged by a shipping container out in the Indian Ocean. Robert was left to survive on his own with no communication.

His boat is damaged when it hit a storage container

The plot

As you can imagine, the ocean is not a nice place to be at on your own, especially when the storms are thrashing at the side of your boat. As time went on, his rate of survival reduced. His Yacht sank and he was left in a yellow dingy. He was eating rations and lacking water… barely getting by. He drifted into the shipping route and had a chance to be rescued.  But despite two shipping containers going by, he was not seen. It was heart-breaking as he knew that he could only last so long. When he thought all hope was lost, he wrote a letter and placed it in a mason jar and threw it into the sea. He had given up on coming out of this alive.

In a storm All is lost.jpg
A storm thrashing Robert and damaging his beloved Yacht 

I was shouting at the TV all the way through. My comments were mostly “Ahh this is the end” and I was truly convinced that after eight days at sea and three storms, he would finally pass. One day, his note would be found and people would know his story of how he was lost at sea and did not come back.

Robert in the life raft with limited food and water rations

But inside my heart, I wanted the opposite. I wanted him to survive. I wondered if he had kids or family, if he would be greatly missed by others. The pain of not knowing if your family member or loved one was dead, was worse than actually seeing them die.

At the end of the thriller, he had one more chance. In the distance there was a light – but he had no torch. He was clever and ripped out paper from his note book and lit them with a lighter. But it wasn’t bright enough. He chucked his whole notebook in and the raft was suddenly engulfed with flames. It was like a ring of fire – burning bright and visible from underwater as he was falling into the dark abyss. The ring of fire had got the attention of the boat and from underwater, he could see a torch, moving and searching the water for any sign of life. He knew that he had to survive, he pushed his body towards the surface, fighting the exhaustion and hunger. He knew that he was safe… that he would get out alive. A hand entered the water and he grabbed it, before his vision was flooded by bright light.

Final Thoughts

My hopes for this movie were slim  and the movie description “thriller” seemed inaccurate at the start, but boy did it get exciting and at times painful to watch. I was watching the film, thinking “I could not survive” and I was devising plans in my head of how I would face what he faced, and honestly, I was struggling.

I then looked online and found many articles on real people who had survived being lost at sea; one man had vanished for 14 months in 2015. Louis Jordan, a US sailor went missing for 66 days and survived. It could be done and I was intrigued by how they did it, and if the film portrayed what really happened out at sea.

This was a good film to watch if you like those that build up in tension and excitement as they go along. A bit like 124 hours, it could seem tedious but it is well worth the wait.

I hope you enjoyed this review 🙂

Bye for now.


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