Cassie digs deeper into David Walker’s death and uncovers yet more shocking discoveries!

This case was complex, but as we go into episode 5, Cassie begins to unpick it. What she finds starts to link a few of the suspects to the victim… It’s exciting as we are getting closer to the truth!

The Plot

Colin has a history with David Walker and knew him – was this a reason to kill him?

We find out in a shock that Gonzales was paid 5,000 by David Walker to frame Colin for rape and to make up a story. This incident had been haunting Colin for a while, and as he was a drunk, he had no recollection of it. What an easy way to take revenge. But why did David want revenge on him? Gonzales also knew Walker, but from what?

Cassie and the team found the address, which they suspected as the location of “the gatherings”. It was a big improvement in the case and they could now interrogate all the suspects and see if they recognised the address. The address had been lived in for “donkeys years” from before 1979 by a man named Ken. Who was Ken? Ken unfortunately passed away and was buried 500 yards down the road in the cemetery.

Was Tessa pick up the young girl and know about “the gatherings”?

When a witness was interviewed, she confirmed that it was the house that she went to for “the gatherings” and where she was taken on three occasions. She was always put in a taxi home after, but on one occurrence, she was driven back by a women in a Blue Golf Convertible  with red trim. When DI Tessa was interviewed, she denied knowing anything about her son’s doings or gatherings, yet when the Cassie mentioned the Blue Golf convertible with red trim, she got tense. Like she was unsure of what to do or say. Was this the end of her story? Was that her car and did she know about “the gatherings”?

Cassie was determined to get the three suspects in one room. They all arrived at  the station and sat in separate seats, in three different areas in the waiting room. No talking or eye contact, as if trying to look like they did not know each other.Of course this behaviour was odd and most of us would sit and chat – about the weather or about the kids.

All three of the suspects were interviewed separately and were presented with evidence that Cassie and the team had collected.

Sara Mahmoud Unforgotten episode 5.jpg
Sara Mahmoud looks as if she is hiding something – is there more to tell? 

Sara Mahmoud seemed very short with the detective – mostly yes or no answers with very little detail. She was not giving much away and looked emotionless. They showed her a photo of the house, where they suspected \”the gatherings” took place and she denied any knowledge of the house. Yet earlier that day, the witness remembered her and placed her at the house at a few of the gatherings. If she was lying about this, what else was she hiding?

Sara said that she coped after her mother died when she was young, that she was happy and enjoyed school. She said she left school at 16 and did not want to go into higher education. Well Sara’s father, who turned up at her house, told her husband the total opposite. She was lying about it all. She left school at 13, she hated school and got into fights and violence, as a rebellious child. My suspicion was that she was not being truly honest about the case… Cassie noticed it too!

Marian was struggling emotionally – was it the guilt? 

Marian was interrogated in her interview and denied any knowledge of how Shenade got her address or any recollection of the house, where “the gatherings” took place. Marian seemed to be a bit stressed and tense; everything seemed to be too much for her emotionally. It was affecting her job and the relationship with her husband.

There were leads, photos and more suspicion around these four suspects: Tessa, Sara, Marian and Colin. There were links that could really catch them all out… the  only question was when were they going to admit what REALLY happened?

Final Thoughts

There are twists every episode and when you think you have seen it all, you are deeply surprised! There are really no perfect characters in the series and I have my doubts about all of them, none of them seem fully truthful. Make sure that you see the last episode. It will be great and the almost impossible case for Cassie will be solved at last.

Feel free to comment or message me with your opinions.

Bye for now.



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