“Loving”is heart warming and shows us that love is stronger than any law.

Love does not follow the rule book, and sometimes the love we have can go against other peoples values. Whether it is because by race, colour, gender or nationality (just to name a few)… “Loving” shows us that it is ok to love whoever you want and that marriage with that person is a human right.

The 2017 film Loving,  described as an American historical drama,  has raised awareness of how important marriage is and how it was not always a human right – that the actions represented in this true story changed the course of history in the US in 1967.

The plot

Richard and Mildred Loving

Richard loving (acted by Joel Edgerton) and Mildred Loving  (acted by Ruth Negga) travelled out of Carolina to DC, to get married under the District of Columbia. They knew the risks and thought that their love for each other was enough to convince others that there was no risk. Mildred as a black women and Richard as a white man were detained by the sheriffs and told that their marriage was not allowed in Colombia and that if they pleaded guilty at Virginia Court, they would have to spend 25 years apart.

It was difficult for them to be apart, and with Mildred impregnated with their child, he could not leave her alone. They broke their parole and were arrested on a few occasions – they would not give up on their love.

In desperation, Mildred wrote to Internal General Robert Kennedy, for help and explained her situation. She was contacted by Bernard Cohen, a lawyer later that week about their case and he agreed to help them, all expenses paid.

They were told that their case would alter the constitution of the united states and that if they were found guilty by the Supreme Court, they would go to jail.

Richard was worrying about the case but Mildred remained positive, saying that “We may lose the small battles but win the war”.

The case got all the way to the Supreme Court. Virginia appealed with the view that it was unfair to bring up children of mixed race into the world. It was difficult to hear… what was wrong with mixed race children? Is that really a reason to restrict multiracial marriage?

Richard and Mildred with her first child

Well the Court disagreed … the Supreme Court ruled against Virginia and allowed Richard, Mildred and their children to eventually live in the house Richard built them and had the life they all dreamed of.

Final Thoughts

I would have preferred to see more of the court case, but I think the most important part of the film was to express the strong love and determination that the Loving family felt during this ordeal. That definitely came across and I was hoping that there was some mercy in the world – that the court would understand how much he loved his wife.

It is a heartwarming film, and despite the sad circumstances, all worked out in the end. not just for them, but for multiracial couples in the US.

You can see Loving in all cinemas, including the Tyneside Cinema now. You can book tickets by viewing https://www.tynesidecinema.co.uk/whats-on/films/view/loving.

Bye for now.



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