“Trust me” he says, but when the court revealed the truth, could he really be trusted after all? Is he the guilty one?

Apple Tree Yard has really turned it up a notch and the truth about him is finally being revealed. How is Mark Liam Costley and can Yvonne really trust him?

The plot

Yvonne and Costley got on well.. or so she thought. Costley’s troubling actions after visiting George left her wondering… what had he done?

Yvonne in her car waiting for Costley while he confronts George. 

He banged on the window and asked her to hurry. He told her to “stick to the story” and that “it will be ok”. But later that week, at a restaurant, she was approached and arrested for the murder of George Sellway. Costley had killed him! No wonder he was hurrying to get away and wanted to lay low for a while.

The interrogators were asking her all these questions… Were you involved in his death? Did you know that Costley was going to kill him? Did you both plan to kill him for what he had done to her?

She had told them about the rape in his office but were suspicious of why she didn’t go to the police and tell them? If she reported it, he could have told others about the affair in court.. she did not want to risk it and neither did Costley. Of course, she stuck to the story and lied about her relationship with Costley in court. She did exactly what he said.

Yvonne and Costley engaged in intercourse at “Apple Tree yard” during their secret affair. But will it be secret for long? 

Costley, on the other hand, went against everything he told her – he told them that they were having an affair and that they both knew about the plan. She trusted him all this time and believed him. Everything about his job in the civil service…

Costley on the way to Court – is he really a man that can be trusted? 

Unsurprisingly, Costley was not the man she thought he was. No he was right about being mysterious, but failed to tell her the truth about what he did for a living. He had applied for a job for MI5, however did not get the final stage. He was so cautious on their dates – secret phones, cameras… his profession seemed genuine! So did he really do for a living?

Family Life

Apple Tree Yard - Ep4
Gary believes that Yvonne is innocent and does not think that she is stupid enough to have an affair . How will he react when he finds out the truth?

The impact of the case had been a shock to the family. They were sad that she had gone through such a horrible experience of rape with George, and yet she had not told them, on many occasions. The worst thing was that her husband Gary did not know about the affair between her and Costley – she had been ridiculing him for meeting up with Rosie, despite him not having sexual intercorse with her. Gary was convinced that she was innocent – that nothing was going on with Costley, but will he find out the truth and how will he react? He will probably be heartbroken.

The court case fell at a bad time, Yvonnes daughter was pregnant and there was no way of knowing how much this would really affect their lives. Of course, she could lie and stick to the story, but if anything ever gets out, she would not only lose the trust of her family but also her friends. Her reputation for leading the first team to name molecules will be ruined. All that hard work gone to waste for one man who she knew little about.

Final Thoughts

Yvonne has a long battle ahead… she has no control over what is used against her in court. She is lying to the durry about her relationship with Costley, and despite agreeing that they both should get George back for what he did, she did not suggest anything like murder. So we have an highly acclaimed scientist who is both guilty and innocent… the question is, which way will it go?

Watch the final episode tonight at 9pm on BBC one! Exciting!

Bye for now.




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