Would a world with constant judgement and ratings be a big low? 

I watched a S3 E2 in a  series that my friend had recommended to me. It was called Black Mirror, which is available on Netflix.

The Plot

The episode I watched was all about what we thought of each other. People were constantly being rated by others via a social media app after every interaction and each individual would develop an overall score out of 5 – 5 being very popular and 0 being a nobody. This would go up and down based on each of the ratings.

You rate people out of five after every interaction. It was the equivalent of the tip.
Lacie as a 4.2

The rating system was all people could see – not the people themselves but their number. You would be friends with people of that rating and you would defriend anyone below it. Services and events were also limited to a certain rating. Those below a certain rating would be ignored or denied luxuries.

This whole system was making people into a fake self – someone who was going out their way to please people rather than be who they truly were. Lacie was going to so much effort to be a 4.2 and when she eventually acted more like herself, she saw her rating reduce, to as low as 0.

My Thoughts

This got me thinking… what would happen if everything we did was rated – every mistake to every success? How would we be rated by others and would we go out our way to please  them? Would each of us discriminate others for their low overall rating or accept who they really are? Would you feel intimidated by those who are rated as 4.5, while you are a 3.2?

It would be a horrible world to live in if this happened as everything we did would be scrutinised. Society would be split and equality would go out the window. We would be constantly feeling worried about how people feel about us and hate how we felt about ourselves.

Would you want a world like this?

Let me know what you think and rate this review!

Bye for now.


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