Unforgotten Finale: Will Colin, Marian and Sara be charged? Is there more to their acts than we think? (Spoiler Alert)

Cassie, Sammy and the team had all worked hard on the case. They had been up at night researching and piecing the case together. Cassie now had a good rapport and had evidence that could get them to confess. This was of course the finale and we were expecting it to be good… we were right!

The plot

As you would expect Cassie investigated more thoroughly into each of the suspects. Knowing that they won’t confess, she sent members of her team to talk to their families. All of these interviews gave us an insight into their childhoods, and all contained a common theme: A certain time in their childhood, where they changed from happy and normal to an introverted, quiet and angry child.

Marian’s childhood was turned upside down when she was regularly visited in her room by a man that lived in her house. He claimed that he wanted to prepare her as she was now 11 and starting to become a woman. He was sexually abusing her every Saturday night when her mother was downstairs. One awful night, when her mum and sister were away at the cinema, he dropped by at the house and raped her. He raped her because she was special.

The awful thing that was Marian told her mother. At this point, she was 12 and her mother started to fold in her bedroom after she went to sleep – as a way to stop him coming in. She did this for six months and then just stopped. Her sister had been wondering why Marian was always quite angry and in her own world, and was shocked by the knowledge that her mother knew but did nothing about it. This was so sad to see as a mother should never let anyone do this to their child.

Colin had a happy childhood, up to the age of 9. It was all because of a friend who used to call by for Sunday lunch. Liam Paxton ran a platoon club and his father allowed him to join. Colin was over the moon and had an amazing first 6 months. However while on a camping trip, Colin was told to share a tent with him as his tent was “not waterproof”. He got closer to Colin as the nights went on. He even visited his house for the next 6 months while Colin’s parents were away and did horrible things… things that damaged him emotionally. As a result of this his condition plummeted, much like Marians.

And as for Sara, her husband confirmed that at the age of 13, she was taken by David Walker to parties and given drugs and alcohol. These gatherings occurred on a few occasions and she endured awful treatment from people at the party. Sara’s husband told Cassie that she reported the rape but, the police ignored her as her occupation as a prostitute made her less believable and suggested that she was putting it on herself.

The question now is how they know each other and how were they all involved?

Well, Sara and Colin both were emotionally damaged by their experiences (understandably) and both were inmates of the Psychiatric Unit in Eeling. This is also where they met Marian. They recognised people of their kind – those that had been abused, and devised a plan to kill each others abusers.

Final Thoughts

I was convinced at the start of the episode that the severity of their crimes would deserve conviction, however listening to their stories of rape and abuse, it just felt wrong. Wrong to punish them any more for what they had gone through.

So Cassie acted accordingly and with Sammys approval, decided that they did not deserve to be punished. They killed them to end the abuse, to stop the vulnerability and attacks, to find closure. Punishing them would not be helpful for their mental condition either.

I certainly think that there are more guilty people in the series – Tessa, who knew about what David was doing and did not say a word. She could have saved Sara. And of course, Marian’s mother knew and she just ignored it and didn’t believe her own daughter!

The ending was appropriate and showed signs of humanity and respect for the victims wellbeing, over justice.

I really enjoyed this series… it was always twisted and you never really knew all of the facts until the end, where we all of a sudden felt empathy for the victims and changed our whole outlook on the case. Absolutely brilliant!

Let me know what you think of the series or review, by commenting on this post or getting in touch on Facebook or Twitter!

Bye for now.



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