Lego Batman had the right building blocks for a great film! (Spolier Alert)

Lego Batman brings us an adventure that is exciting and full of humour! What a joy to watch, even as an adult!

The Plot

Joker brought villians together to destroy the city and destroy everything that supports it. All the villians from the Phantom Zone, include Zoron, Voldemort, Kingkong and the Wicked Witch sided with Joker. Batman worked with other Joker hating villians, the commissioner and Robin to help save the city.

There were many memorable scenes including a very humorous scene with Batman and Joker. Batman’s relationship with Joker didn’t mean a lot, despite Jokers want to feel valued and feared by Batman.

We saw the famous superhero in a different light… his love for cheesy chick flicks and his feelings of loneliness while living on his own with no family. Bruce Wayne (Batman) was living in his Bat Cave on his own…. that was until he unintentionally adopted a young boy. Batman didn’t want to get involved with looking after him, however later found him useful in trapping all the villains. Batman started to feel for him, and later gave him his own special name, Robin!

The film also showed us that Batman still needed love and belonging…a softer side to his personality that many of us overlook. Batman was faced with the Joker and his notorious villians, and despite wanting to face them on his own, he was offered support that at first he refused. Eventually he came to his senses and valued the support towards the end. It gave him a family – a life that he could share with others and enjoy, something that we all need and aspire to have.

Despite the insight into his personal life, we were not short of action! Batman lived up to his superhero talent and showed us how to really “kick butt”!

Final Thoughts

Lego Batman was fun, engaging, slightly emotional and full of action. A whole range of emotions went through my head from sadness to pride. Although it was animated Lego, it was amazing to see and a lot better than I expected it to be. Bye for now.


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