An Inspirational story that touches the hearts of everyone that watches it!

The Best Motion Picture Award winning film, Moonlight, has really made its mark and attracted a lot of good reviews. For this reason, I was so excited to see it and watch the masterpiece that people have been raving about! The director, Barry Jenkins has really done a such a great job in creating an uplifting insight into some young boys childhoods.

The Plot

Growing up was not always easy, especially for Shiron. Being bought up by his drug addicted mum, Paula (played by Naomi Harris) and non-existent father, he did not have a reliable mother figure to look up to. He was scared of his mum, and could see her getting more and more addicted as he grew up. It was sad to see, as no child should grow up like that.

Shiron was a small child and he was pushed around at school. He was bullied and beaten by bigger boys on a daily basis and he struggled to fight back. His only friend at school was Kevin, who stood by him. He was lucky to have Kevin. Chiron was generally unhappy (but Kevin helped to lift his mood). His mother was not always pleasant to Chiron (especially when she was high) so he hated going home. He usually stayed with Teresa (Janelle Monáe) and Juan (Mahershala Ali) who welcomed him with open arms when he had no where to go. They were like the family he never had.

Chiron was young and did not really know what he wanted, partner wise. He struggled with his sexuality and had a general uninterest in sex, however he did feel something towards Kevin. It was more than friendship – it was a longing and the want to feel loved. It was Kevin that gave him his first and only sexual experience, at school age and it was something that they both remembered as they grew up.

After he was beaten up at school and left badly injured by a group of lads, Chiron vowed to grow stronger. He left his education, with a drive to no longer be the thin, scared young boy that he used to be. He grew up more mature. He knew what he wanted to be and do, and he did not let any of his childhood define him. It was odd to see how he had turned out despite his upbringing and I felt inspired – that you can be whoever or whatever you want if you work hard for it.

Final Thoughts

Moonlight showed us how some young boys childhoods have been or may be..  full of drugs and bullying, yet they break through it all and become strong, confident men. Chiron is an inspiration to them and to us all.

Such a sensational film and so unbelievably moving…. if you have not already seen it, make sure you do!

Let me know what you think of the film or the review (or both!). I would love to hear 🙂

Bye for now.










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