The Replacement S1 E1: When a replacement joins the team it looks innocent or is it? We find out in the thrilling 3 part series!

The series features Morven Christie as Ellen and Vicky McClure as the suspicious and too good to be true replacement, named Paula.

The Plot

The three part thriller follows Ellen. Ellen goes on maternity leave only to become increasingly paranoid about the motives of the person covering for her.

After pulling off a £12.2 million deal, Ellen had been made a new associate and after being sick the next morning, she discovered that she was pregnant.

A new replacement, named Paula was introduced and she came across as confident and felt that she was ready. They hit it off straight away and were bonded over lunch.

Paula had already met the client and had visited the library. She had looked into new ideas to change the building and was already interfering before she started the work. It was worrying Ellen… Her boss wanted to introduce her to the company earlier, to work there when she was around. It looked like she had the company wrapped around her little finger.

Ellen visited the site to find Paula there. She got on the building site and had got in with the access code. She was meeting all the bosses and found Ellen’s husband, Ian’s phone number. She seemed like she knew too much and had already invited them for Sunday lunch. She even stopped her eating cheese and kept commenting on the baby. Paula was really getting on with the client, maybe better than she did.

Paula was going ahead with the development and she was organising things behind Ellen’s back, such as a presentation to the client. She did not CC her in to any communications with the client’s PA and never wanted to get her involved. Of course Paula bought up Ellen’s mental state and suggested that she would make herself ill with this all going on with the pregnancy. She was making her out as someone who was unfit to work and was slowly taking away her responsibility. She was trying to be her replacement.

She felt isolated at work and had to get her involved in the presentation to the client. She was great at presenting and she had the attention of all her colleagues. By pointing out that she was not CCd in and by having a slightly heated conversation with Paula, she was

Ellen’s boss suggested that she should take her maternity leave early and she would be out the company for longer. She was in a good mental state to be on the building site, but colleagues disagreed and her husband was starting to question her mental state. Paula had called Ian and told her that her colleagues were worried about her- concerned about her mental state.

The fact that Paula was getting on so well with her colleagues was getting to Ellen. After 10 years, she was slowly being isolated from the group after 10 years.

She went to look and view tiles on the building site and fell. Ellen was with her, observing and reported it to health and safety. She was suspended and told to come back when she was ready. Ian, her boyfriend and ex Psychiatrist, was convinced that she should not come back because of her mental state.

For the next three months, Paula was in the driving seat and not had full control of it. She was oddly comfortable and smug. She was planning on coming back and replacing her, but would that still happen in a few months…

She was called to the site to talk with her boss, Kay but when she arrived, it was empty. Kay fell from a height and we do not know how! She was going to tell Ellen something, and then she died… suspicious! Paula was then seen in many menacing scenes at the end, all zooming in as she stared out of the window. Was it all just unfolding?

Final Thoughts

I was reluctant at first believe that she was was dangerous, but as she got too involved way to quickly, her intention became clear. Yet it only became clear to Ellen – the rest of the team were wrapped around Paula’s finger and slowly started to isolate her from the plans.

I am eager to find out what Kay was going to tell Ellen, before she fell on the site? It could have been important – maybe worth killing for to stop it getting out?

Gripping and definitely thrilling, I was on the edge of my seat and I am excited to find out what else is in store for Ellen.

Stay tuned for the next episode!

Bye guys 🙂







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