Blacking out, secrets and hidden motives: What else was not being said? Continue to find out in Broadchurch! (Spoiler Alert)

The case was widening, rather than narrowing. It was worrying. The more they looked into it, the more suspects there seemed to be.

The plot

Trish reported the message that she got from “unknown” and she had no idea who it was from. It could have been the killer or the man she slept with the morning of the attack.

Hardy and Miller swore to find the man who did this to Trish, but said to do it, they needed her cooperation, but even so, she did not say his name.  They thought that she knew the attacker – and he may have attacked out of jealousy or hate. Their trust in her was wavering.

The detectives focused on finding out who the “unknown” caller was ….

Of course, the town were trying to figure out who it was and stories were going around, despite the sensitivity of the case. People were talking, trying to find out more. Trish’s husband found out last that it was his wife that had been raped and was unsure of what to make of it. When Ian was interviewed with the police, he lied as he blacked out.

All Ian remembered was having an argument with Trish, drinking tequila and waking up on the grass by the lake! But he does not remember why he was there… Maybe he raped Trish??

Hardy had a daughter named Daisy, who seemed popular with a group of boys at school. He was protective of her and that was good. Daisy got into trouble at home so Hardy moved so that she could have a better life. Outside their work, they had to balance family life and do what was best for their children.

A boy named Tom was looking in his house for something, only to find a phone hidden. Was that the phone used to spread porn?

Ed, the shop owner fort with Jim Atwood over shifts. After four punches, he left to go home. He was convinced that she did nothing to provoke it. But did he really go home??

One of the investigators got CCTV footage from the camera showing the outside of the house, hoping that it will show them something. She also investigated the condom found at the scene and searched the brand in all the local stores. Did Mark Latimer not have condoms in their car in the first episode??

She also produced a list of every man that was at the party.  A long table covering two writeboards! It was like they were looking for a needle in a haystack…

Hardy and Miller went to see the food caterers who catered for that night. They cooked the food and left. During their shift, they had a 10 minute break in which they walked down the lake and back. That was at 11.30… hmmm.. but they did not see anything.

A member of the band from the party that night saw Ed (farm shop owner) head into the woods at 11.30 ish. He looked like he wanted to kill someone…. he was in a right old mood.

Back to the past: As you may know from series 1 and 2, Hardy and Miller investigated the death of a young boy. Joe Miller their neighbour was charged. Ben came round from court (they knew him from the murder trial). There was little chance of a retrial, but what about a private prosecution?? Marks wife, Beth Latimer was not happy about it and just wanted closure for the death of her son – no more trials. They could do a complex civil case against him to put Joe to account for his murder. Beth said no, but her husband Mark wanted to find Joe. He wanted to make things right for his son. 

They interviewed “Clive” the taxi driver who previously said he was called Lucas – who they approached in the previous episode.

Clive lied about  who he drove the night of the party – so thoughts were raised of why he lied about his where abouts the night a women was raped?

Clive picked up a fair from the road (which was illegal) at about 9.30pm. He collected a 30 yr old man and he was sure that he could take the detectives to where he dropped him off. He was also asked who “Maria Brady” was and he pulled a face. She was a regular who complaint about him after he got the wrong idea. It was quite off putting for her.

Lucas was married and went for a date with Trish once.. but only once. They did not click apparently, but could he have been that mystery guy she had sex with the morning of the party?

Alan Topkins, a taxi driver, as a guest at the party said that Clive’s taxi was empty with lights out at Midnight… so where was he?

Clive  apparently got in sunday morning (according to his wife) after 1am and it was clear to her that he cheats. For the last 10 years, he had created again and again, yet she stayed with Clive as she made her vows.. So Clive could have done it?

Trish eventually confided in her friends and she wondered if it was someone she knew? That meant a FRIEND hurt her and it was a horrible thought?

We saw Joe again, the warehouse owner, discussing content on his laptop. He was told to delete it. It could have been porn or messages? Either way, they did not want it found by anyone else.

The killer was still out there as the episode ended with a set of flowers being placed on Trish’s doorstep with the message “thinking of you”. It must have been unnerving to find that she was still not safe.

Final Thoughts

Possible Suspects:

  • Clive had no alibi and was not a nice man either…
  • Ian, Trish’s husband blacked out…. and woke up by the lake!
  • Ed, the shop owner was seen going to the lake at 11.30 that night…

It is all getting more complex than the detectives had imagined and what they thought was a diminishing case, only got bigger. Poor Hardy and Miller were like ducks out of water as their list of suspects covered two large whiteboards and they were presented by more sketchy alibis…

I was on my toes throughout the episode and found myself suspecting more people, even close friends who she should have been able to trust.

Let me know what you thought of the episode and the review!

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Bye guys 🙂





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