The claws were definitely out in the concluding Xmen film, Logan! (Spolier Alert)

Hugh Jackman is always pleasure to see, and no more so than in Logan, the last X Men film! Released in early March this year, Logan brings Wolverine back for his final adventure before he eventually turns in.

The General Plot

Lost and out of touch… Logan looked older and less on the ball when men tried to remove the alloy wheels on his car. Not the logan we know. He was a taxi and Chauffeur driver and a drunk. He was also dying… and you could see it!

People recognised him as Wolverine and wanted him to do things for them. Do the dirty work so to speak…. He killed three of the men who tried to steal his wheels and a man approached him in the taxi, aware of his act.

Logan was also approached by a women, named Gabriella who begged him to help her and I think it concerned a child. Gabrielle boyfriend wanted to take her daughter and she gave logan £20 000 to get them out of the city.

Gabrielle was a nurse in a hospital facility where they created mutants and kept them away from the world. She was tricked into thinking that the research was around cancer.
Laura, who Logan thought was Gabrielles daughter  was actually a child in the facility, who like many others were trained as soldiers but they did not want to fight.

Eden – a place for mutants! Where? It was illustrated in a comic strip which was in Laura’s bag along with files on other children who were experimented on and kept in the facility. Laura wanted to get to Eden and to be with people of her kind, it was her family after all.

The man who approached her in the taxi wanted the girl Laura. Laura looked cute but she had claws like Logan. She was strong and fast.. She was healable and unbreakable, and very scary when angry. Does she seem familiar?

Of course Charles was very much alive however he did suffer monumental seizures. His mind was still strong and he always had these thoughts in his head. He said that “they are waiting for him” and I guess that they were. He was also very fond of Laura as he knew that she was his daughter, aware of her claws.

Best Scenes

There was an epic chase, in which Logan, Laura and Charles tried to escape f head of security in which they got a car in front of a train literally. It was all go… and this was only one of a few action scenes in this film (all of them as my best scenes).

Charles, Laura and Logan stayed over after having a meal with a lovely family whom they helped on the motorway earlier that day. It had been such a lovely evening until later that night when the family were slaughtered by a faster and clean shaven Logan lookalike. Laura was also taken by the men. Charles was stabbed and this really shook Logan up. Logan had loved Charles and he had been there from the start

The fight between Logan and his lookalike was epic and Logan was too weak. He was about to die, when he was saved by the man he was staying with. Covered in blood, Logan rescued Laura. He had to look after Laura for Charles sake. It was sad as Logan really cared for Charles.

Laura drove the car to a self made wooden base where she found all the children she knew from the tests. Logan was asleep and injured in the passenger seat next to her. The children were her only residential family apart from Logan.. They would leave the next evening however was it early enough before the men arrived?

The children all left and Logan was alone – however the drones arrived and then he saw the cars – the men knew the coordinates and the children were being caught one by one.

Logan took a big needle containing a solution which increased healing and strength. He got stronger and faster – but soon enough, he had a dip and he was killed after a courageous fight.

What happened to the children?

The children were saved by logan and as he lay wounded beyond healing, Laura muttered daddy under her breath and cried as he became still. At his burial, she spoke beautiful words before they left for Eden and a new home.

Final Thoughts?

I enjoyed Logan and all of its action. It was a game of cat and mouse and I was transfixed all the way through. The ultimate film was by far the best of all of them and gave all Xmen fans the closure they needed. Such a shame that Charles and Logan had to unfortunately decease.


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