This was no sloppy war film! Emotional and heartwarming acting from the extraordinary Gemma Atherton and Sam Claflin.

I have heard great things about this film and I was eager to see it for myself!

The film included Gemma Atherton as Catrin Cole, Sam Claflin as Tom Buckley and Bill Nighy as Ambrose Hilliard. Such a fantastic cast, I was not surprised by how blown away I was with their acting.


The plot generally followed the life of Catrin Cole, who loved to London to become a script writer, writing “slop”, described as women talk in a new war film, aimed at encouraging men too fight. She was one of a small number of women in the production team, and as a result had to work hard in developing respect from her cohorts. She met new friends on the way, including the dashing Tom Buckley.

My Thoughts

I found Their Finest very moving and emotional. Being set at such a difficult point in time (London, 1940s), the use of film was really important in encouraging morale amongst soldiers, and the film portrayed it well.

The passion from Gemma Atherton (as Catrin Cole) and her determination to create a film worth watching was especially exquisite. Not to mention her unfortunate love Tom Buckley, (acted by Sam Clafin), who was especially supportive to Mrs Cole and showed that love can make dark times a little better. Their story was so beautiful, and the way they developed in their relationship and the way she earned respect from him and her male colleagues was encouraging. I noticed quite early on that there was something between them and it was to my relief, despite his unfortuante luck, she was still happy and continued for him. Of course, times are better now and gender is more equal than that of the 1940s.

The end film was so incredibly moving, I can only imagine how encouraging it was during the war. Even thought, I had seen the filming and backstage work of it, I was still incredibly surprised.

Last Note

There is no doubt that this is one of the finest films that has been released this year and will have you weeping in your seats. I felt a sense of pride and respect for Britain after watching this film, towards the soldiers who fort, the women in the factories and the production crews that kept the people going.

I would see this film again and again (but remember to take tissues).

Star Rating

As a way to critically evaluate these films and make it easier for you, I have a new rating system, which will apply to all my films and series reviews from this point (1 being disappointing and 5 being fantastic).

Their Finest is marked as

5 star rating.png

Fantastic, I loved it! Well worth another watch!

If you have any comments, feel free to put them in the comments section. I would love to hear what you all have to say!

See you soon for another review!

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Daniel Radcliffe and Joshua McGuire were dead funny in Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead! (Spoiler Alert)

So I had the pleasure of seeing Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, as a live feed from the Tyneside Cinema on the 26th April.  The performance staring Daniel Radcliffe and Joshua McGuire, was being taking place in the Old Vic Theatre in London.

My Thoughts

I did not know what to expect from the play so I was watching the play with an open mind.

Plot, Characters and Script

The plot to this play was slow to start at first so the first act was just introducing us to the characters. It was not until the second act where we got a better idea of the two main characters roles in the screen play.  So naturally, I found myself a little bored in the first half as there was little to follow, this however improved as the play went on.

The opening of the show introduced us to our two main characters – Rosencrantz as Daniel Radcliffe and Joshua McGuire as Guildenstern. They were amusing themselves with a coin flipping game, in which Rosencrantz had landed 90 heads in a row. Whether this was genuine or just double sided coins, I was not sure.


Rosencrantz – Daniel Radcliffe (right) and Joshua McGuire – Guildenstern (left)

This was an intellectual introduction and as the script went on, I found myself having to concentrate harder into what they were talking about. Topics such as death, complex probability – a lot of it went over my head, but it showed how clever these two characters were.

I also found their relationship throughout the play very similar to two brothers. Their bond allowed them to be open with each other with conflicting opinions, yet still get on. They are bit like bread and butter – they go very well together and make each other better.

This play was directed by Katie Moore and based on a script play by Tom Stoppard, who had the opportunity to sit in the audience. This definitely would have added some adrenaline for the actors, as they were performing in front of the play write himself.

Even with the script being very intellectual, there were still a lot of humorous one liners. Viewers (including myself) were laughing throughout the play by Radcliffe and McGuire’s witty comebacks. One being very focused on the direction of the wind, which became a repetitive joke up until the end.

Costumes and Set

Something that did stand out for me was the costumes – all over the top and extremely realistic. One of these costumes belonged to the main player in a band (played by David Haig) who was a big burst of sound, energy and enthusiasm! His costume was vintage like those worn by Radcliffe and McGuire but more colourful with bursts of red.

Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead1

Main player – David Haig (right front) with Rosencrantz and Guildenstern (both left)

However the best costume of all, in my opinion was worn by Alfred (played by Matthew Durkan). He was half naked in the first act, however changed into a vintage dress with a ruff collar and a white powdered face in the second act. He looked as fantastic as the female actors on the stage.

The set contrasted to the costumes and was very minimal, including two chairs randomly  spaced out, two backpacks and a ladder. The stage was opened up into space normally used behind the wings to give the actors a lot more space to work with. This also made them look very small on the stage when they were in solo scenes.

Final Note

The play was a pleasure to see, even if I saw it on a live feed. The acting was exquisite and passionate and I thoroughly enjoyed it by the end, despite the complex script and slow plot.

If you have any comments, please let me know!

Bye guys 🙂



Line of Duty S4, E5: What was at first a little rivalry between AC-12 and Huntley has become something much more (Spoiler Alert)

I had to take a breather at the end of the penultimate episode of Line of Duty. Never have I been so sure of something then so confused by such a twisted plot line in my life.


I started the episode with the intention of finding out what really happened to Huntley, hoping she would admit it. Instead, she continued to frame Farmer for the numerous  deaths and framed her husband for Tims’s murder, as he was at the scene (but only because he followed her there).  What made this more unrealistic was her ability to have her arm amputated and still plant evidence like nothing was wrong. If that was me, I would be unable to do anything, especially work.

Everyone seemed to be suspecting Huntley (she does make it hard not to), even her husband who was going to file a claim against her. He knew that she was lying about what really happened the night of Tim’s murder however was unaware of her potential involvement in the murder of Leonie Collins. She is such a stubborn character that she is unlikely to admit the truth and ruin her reputation, rather than admit it and be free of the guilt. At this point, I assume that she murdered Tim and had something to do with Leonie, but these series always seem to surprise us.

Alongside this hidden cover up by Huntley, was another alleged cover up and manipulation of evidence by AC-12. According to ACC Hilton, AC-12 were more dangerous than the corrupt officers that they had had a year to investigate (those linked to Matthew Cotton in the previous series). Huntley has ACC Hilton supposedly wrapped around her little finger and has plotted him against them, when in fact Huntley has the secrets to hide.

You never know, ACC Hilton could be involved in this conspiracy too.. And what was it about the Jackie Lavity case from 2012 that troubled him? Was he involved in her disappearance or did he know who was?

This episode was a bit more personal. We saw Abbott vulnerable for the first time in the series when he was told that he still had damage to his back and long term mobility problems could not be ruled out. It was a shame as he was just doing his job and he may not ever walk again. His attack by balaclava man and his fall down three flights of stairs has certainly damaged him and it was heartbreaking to see him upset. The fact that he was unable to look after himself, let alone work really put it all into perspective.

Last Note

Overall I found this episode very farfetched and more packed than the last. It seems that there is no real end to this case and I am not really sure who really did it.

I have the feeling that the last episode (next weeks) in this series is too short to resolve all of the conspiracies and lies. The case has become a lot more complex with the emergence of a new body, Leonie Collins, supposively disposed and stored of differently to the rest, with neither murders being Tim or Micheal.

New people have emerged who may have more to do with it such as Jimmy Lakewell, but it is too early to say without more evidence. With everything that is going on, I expect the last episode in this series to clear up some lose ends, but leave a few uncertain mysteries to follow up in series five.

The director has had us on the edge of our seat from the start of the series so I will be very interested to see how he leaves us on the final episode. Probably on the floor….

Stay tuned for the last episode next week!

If you have any comments, I would love to hear from you!

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Jack Whitehall has got us going up not down in Evelyn Waugh’s adaption of Decline and Fall!

This review is discussing Decline and fall, a three episode series based on a novel by Evelyn Waugh, shown on BBC 1.

Decline and Fall book cover
The novel that this series is adapted from

My Thoughts

I was unsure of what to expect, but I thoroughly enjoyed the series. Jack Whitehall is often seen as just a comedian, however he definetly showed us his wider acting skills in this new role.

Mr Paul Pennyfeather was a young man studying Theology at Oxford. He was content until he was expelled for something of his undoing. He seemed to go from place to place and not feel like it was where he wanted to be and on the way, he got pulled in by a seductive women named Margot Beste-Chetwynde (played by Eva Longoria), who under the surface was not as nice as she seemed. I must say that she did a very good job in portraying an upperclass attitude and rich aura. It was clear that Paul was constantly suffering for things that other people had done, and it was slowly getting to him.

Eva Longoria decline and fall
Eva Longoria as Margot Beste-Chetwynde, a rich, beautiful and highly regarded women

I found the script to this very engaging and it had aspects of love, crime, punishment and gore…. practically everything. A quote from the script that really stood out was a bit of advice from Solomon Philbrick (Played by Stephen Graham) who told him that “life is like a ferris wheel. It goes up and down, around and around. Or you could just sit on the grass and watch it go by”. I interpreted quote this as people living their life too fast and not slowing down. Mr Pennyfeather, learned that it is often better to watch by than go on the ride.I was captivated by each episode, each one was better than the last. It had a certain humour which was both serious and enjoyable to watch.

Final Note

Overall the three episode series exceeded my expectations and I just wish that it is not the end for Jack Whitehall and that they come back for another series. I would like to find out if Paul finally had a clean slate and started again without being pursued for his past.

You have time to view this series on BBC Iplayer, with the first episode expiring in a week. You can watch them all back to back, saving any confusion!

If you have seen the and like the review or have anything to say, please use the comments box!

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The plot turns much darker than we thought as a seemingly innocent resident is charged in the final episode of Broadchurch (S4, E8)!

So we were eventually up to the final final episode of Broadchurch and we were definitely disappointed.

We eventually found out who raped Trish Winterman and it was one of the secondary characters that had so little attention that he was overlooked. Micheal Lucas, Clive’s son was revealed to be the rapist, but not in the way you think. Micheal, as you know, was innocent and quiet and was not intending to hurt anyone. Committing the rape was as a result of peer pressure, by Leo Humpreys, who was obsessed with sex and porn.

The way Leo tried to turn Micheal’s mind dark and groom him into committing sexual acts was especially upsetting. We saw a dark side to Leo, more dark than his long stares, which were especially uneasy. Leo had a history of raping girls since he left university, including two who were unidentified. It started once a month, but it became an addiction and he found it “beautiful” and felt like he was “the only one in the world” when he did it. He was proud to rape girls which was hard for the detectives to hear, especially Miller who was bought to tears.

We didn’t have our eyes set on Micheal as the rapist earlier on in the episode. Before this, the plot followed the motives of Clive and Leo (as a duo) and it seemed very plausible that it was them. The director was very clever to steer us in a totally different direction from what was actually the truth. When we found out the truth, we were disgusted at Leo, yet we felt sorry for Micheal as he was pressured into it. This was odd as we normally feel negative towards the perpetrator.

I must say that I am happy that the detectives found the rapist and revealed the real side to Leo. The town eventually found peace and started to forgive each other. It all happened so fast though… if you found that one of your residents was a rapist, it would take longer than a day to get over it! Leo, of course, coached the football team and ran a hardware shop, so everyone in the town would have interacted with him in some way.

What a great series and final episode! It was tense, captivating, shocking and surprisingly happy all at the same time!

It will be sad to not watch Broadchurch on a Monday night. I have grown found of the series, characters and plot twists. On the bright side, we can relive Broadchurch by watching it from series one as much as we like! Hooray!

I hope you have enjoyed my reviews of Broadchurch! All comments welcome!

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Line of Duty, S4, E4: The tables can turn very quickly and you can find yourself caught! (Spoiler Alert)

This is a series review of Line of Duty (S4, E4) shown weekly on BBC1 on Sunday night at 9pm. Two remaining episodes.

My Thoughts

I was so excited to see this episode, especially after that devastating cliff-hanger of Arnott being pushed off a flight of stairs, by who we suspected was Nick Huntley. You would be glad to know that he was ok and eventually came around. All was safe and sound, or so we thought…

Huntley has become a very investigated officer and even has an undercover agent watching her (Fleming). From what we know so far, Huntley is involved, especially close to home with evidence that her husband was at the crime scene too. She has lied through her teeth to detectives and has lied to her husband. I was starting to get more apprehensive of her and her motives and with everything that was going on, she should be nowhere near the investigations.

Huntley was becoming more and more involved in covering her back. It seemed that she was fooling no one, not even her husband, who thought she was cheating and followed her that night to Tim’s flat. Her Interview with the AC-12 investigators was not going her way and she found herself presented with evidence that she was not doing her job properly and that her husband was involved in Tim’s murder. When we thought it was all over for her, she dropped a bombshell.

Her thorough attitude and accusation of the corruption of her handling of the cases surprised the AC-12 team and they slowly found themselves in deep water. Huntley had them gasping for air as she fired claims of tampering, sexism around promotions and sexist language in the workplace. She bought up things that were beyond their work environment. It was like she had been holding on to her anger and they had hit a nerve with her that unleashed a feared beast.

I thought that I would leave the episode with a clearer idea of her and Nick’s involvement, however I have been left with less of an idea and an unknown about the future of AC-12. I wonder if matters will be out of their hands, evidence will be discarded or they will be moved from the cases all together.

Huntley played a good game in this episode and seems to have won… for now. The director played with our emotions and changed the focus of the episode so rapidly that the cases seemed even more complex!  Bravo!

I was blown away by the twist and now feel like I am in limbo, not being any closer to finding out the truth and being uncertain about the outcome of AC-12 and the current investigation.

Still to come…

With two more episodes to go, we expect the lose ends to be tied and to find out the truth on who really killed Tim and abducted those girls. We all have our suspicions, however as we know, these series are always truly uncertain until the final moments!

What an explosive episode. I feel like I need a cup of tea to recover!

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Boss Baby may have the attitude, but not the laughs!

So this review is about Boss Baby, available to see in all cinemas. Directed by Tom Mcgrath, Boss Baby is perfect for all the family with funny humour and business school references, such as the use of memos.

The plot

A plot containing a talking spy baby with a brief case and low voice was definitely going to get some attention. There was something about the film cover that made it look a lot more outgoing and action packed than it actually was.

The plot in my opinion was not really plausible (e.g. the mass production of babies on a production line and the division between spy babies in middle management and babies for family). But for the sake of the young audience who would be watching it, the whole plot was funny and entertaining.

The part of the plot I did enjoy was the idea of puppies that would never grow up. Every family could have a puppy and enjoy their size and energy until the parents were old and the children were in their 40s. It would be nice to think that could happen in real life, but not yet. Science has not caught up yet…

There would be an issue of overcrowding if puppies lived forever. New puppy nursing homes would have to be built and run to look after the puppies that are replaced with newer models. What a job to have though!

Many children, growing up with younger brothers or sisters would be able to relate to the plot (except the talking baby and spying bit). They would be more familiar with the crying and increased attention on their younger sibling.

The script was funny overall. Business school puns were a bonus and I found myself laughing here and there, but not all the way through. I did find myself losing a bit of interest throughout the film as the plot was a little simple and I was bought back in by the odd joke. The script probably did not read well with me as I was much older. I imagine that younger children would have a lot more fun with it and be more enticed.

My rating

My rating of this film would be 3/5 stars. Bearing in mind my age and maturity, the plot was a little simple and lacked humour. Nethertheless, it was not the worst film I have seen and it did make me awww when I saw all the puppies!

Boss Baby is probably better for a younger audience…

If you have any comments about the film or the review, please let me know 🙂

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S4, E7: Jim was in the firing line, however just because he has an obvious motive, does not mean it was him? Or them?

Focused on Jim and his motives, along with Mark and his recent suicide attempt. Jim was sketchy and very secretive, with any allegation screwing a “what are you saying face”.

We saw Hardy struggle with family life, which showed that he was indeed human. Poor Daisy was competing for his time and effort alongside the case and was clearly not getting enough of it. No wonder she wanted to go.

We are overcrowded with possible theories about who raped Trish and the two girls. So many uncertainties were presented in this episode, that in my opinion, it can’t possibly be one person.

My opinion of Jim is a bit more suspicious based on his attitude towards the investigation and his stash of condoms in the car. He is never happy nor is he very approachable either. He runs a breakdown company and maybe poor Laura was in the firing line when Jim needed a bit of sex.

I must say thought, if that sock found with Trish’s DNA is linked to Clive and matches his trusty football socks, than I will not be surprised. The way he treats his wife and his general look of disgust towards others is unnerving. His reputation is not in his favour, especially when he cheats behind his wife’s back knowingly.

Ian, Trish’s installed spyware on Trish’s laptop which allowed him to access her webcam, so she could watch her at home. It’s slightly creepy but, I do genuinely believe that he missed her and wanted to see her. Anyway, why would he rape her when all he has to do it patch up the marriage? He would then have her back and time for

Ed Burnett loves Trish and previously sexually harassed his wife, allegedly, according to Ian, her wife. He seemed convinced that he would never hurt Trish and I believe him. I just hope I am not deceived, as I know he has a violent side.. he beat up Jim pretty good in one of the previous episodes!

There was a beautiful tribute to Trish which a wonderful way to give hope, yet the sad thing is that one or many of those holding up that light may have been involved in hurting her. Such betrayal as they were all in plain site, but getting away with it!

I am not surprised if many of these men are working together and have grouped to try and spread the blame and save their backs. But if there is one thing I know about these dramas, it is normally who you least expect.

Characters like Tom miller, Mark Latimer, Clive’s son and Reverend Coates have not really been given as much notice for the crime. Should we be watching them instead??

With much packed into one episode, there are so many loose ends to tie up in the last episode!

Let me know what you think of the review and the episode!

Roll on the finale

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Series 4, Episode 3: Line of Duty evolved quickly and ended with an unexpected act of terror none of us could expect! (Spoliers Alert)

Series 4 continues and as expected, we were kept on our toes all the way through…

Basic Plot

There was secrecy between Huntley and Fleming. AC-12 investigated Tim’s murder and want access to all the evidence on Trapdoor and Tim Ifield. They looked into evidence and found that there was a 90% chance that Balaclava man could be Tim…

Thandi Newton (as DCI Huntley) was being hunted down by AC-12 and she did not like it at all. At some point, she must have thought about what she would do if she was caught.  She also seemed very dismissive of her husband and she clearly had other things to think about.

Her whereabouts… secrets…. evidence altering! All of it was very secretive and she was not making it any better for herself. She was just digging herself deeper and deeper. Her horrible way of framing Hana for Tim’s murder was definitely too far. Such a cruel trick to cover her back!

Micheal Gardner had new evidence against him from a witness who said he grabbed her and invited her to his house. He was identified by the victim, and later admitted the offence. He was being charged on top of his kidnapping and murder offences. I still don’t think that he was the murderer or kidnapper… he still did not fit. I felt sorry for him.


A lot unravelled in this episode and new leads bought AC-12 into moral danger. I felt sorry for Micheal and the poor woman Huntley framed. It was heartless and I still do not approve of her character. I found Huntley was very over persuasive in this episode which may eventually get her caught.

It was extremely gripping and I was surprised by the ending, which was a shock to all of us. Yes we were told that Nick was dangerous but this was new. For the first time, we are presented with the idea that there are more than one involved in the balaclava case.

The director, John Strickland definitely did a great job in this episode and left us gasping at the end!


  1. Who was the balaclava man who attacked Abbott?
  2. Are there more of them than we think?
  3. Is abbott dead?

So many unanswered questions to ponder over until next week.

If you have any comments, I would love to hear from you.

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Broadchurch S3 E6: Work-life balance is difficult for everyone, even Miller and Hardy!

In this review, I am discussing Broadchurch. In episode 6, we saw the case continue with suspects coming and going.

My Thoughts

This episode informed us of compelling evidence against Ed that was the most conclusive breakthrough yet. My initial impression of Ed at the start was that he was very understanding. Part of me is now worried that he can hide behind that persona and be totally different. I know that in these series, nothing is as it seems…

We saw the emotions run high between the residents, especially Ed and Jim. Ed liked Trish and seemed to lose control when he faced Jim, after he found out that they had slept together. He seemed very obsessed with her and had photos from 10 years ago… and he sent her the flowers, which was kind of creepy. He can also get violent, as we could see from Jim’s facial injuries.

We have seen Miller and Hardy work together for three series now and have developed a fact file of their personalities. Miller, being funny and sensitive and Hardy, in contrast, being direct and very focused.

But in this episode, we saw an angry side to Miller. Smashing laptops and phones after finding her sons porn, Miller seemed to have bottled a lot of anger and it was now all being released. It was kind of scary as I would not have imagined her as this controlling. Hardy on the other hand, was very sensitive and when his daughter Daisy wanted to move back in with his mum, he took a softer, motivational approach and begged for her to stay. It was moving and I felt my heart melt with his words.

It seemed that the case was becoming more than a job, and was developing into an obsession. With so much at stake, it was easy to neglect family and lose track of what was going on. I felt sorry for them as it can’t have been easy.

Hardy and Miller were also angry at Katie – Ed was her father! Katie was hesitant to tell them and refused to get involved in the interview with Ed and no wonder…  Miller worked so hard to get to where she was and Katie just swanned in after 6 months training and potentially compromised the case!


Overall I found the case focused more on the detectives and their families, which is nice as it suggested that their job is not the only thing they are dealing with. They are human too. The plot in this episode seemed very plausible too. I found the episode gripping, intense and personal. I also cried at the end (you will know why if you have seen the episode).

Comment if you agree (or if you don’t). I would like to know what you all think 🙂

Stay tuned for next week!

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