Free Fire: An explosive comedy that blow your mind!

So in this review, I am going to talk about a film called Free Fire, which I saw earlier this week. The film, directed by Ben Wheatley was said to be a part comedy, part action. I agree with that.

The main cast members included Bernie (acted by Enzo Clienti), Stevo (acted by Sam Riley), Frank (acted by Michael Smiley), Justine (acted by Brie Larson), Chris (acted by Cillian Murphy, Ord (acted by Armie Hammer), Vernon (acted by Charlto Copley, Martin (acted by Babou Ceesay).

The Plot

The film followed a trade deal conducted by two Irishmen and a gang in a deserted warehouse. The gang leaders Vernon and Ord intended to sell them some guns, specifically M60s, instead they got AR70s. When a member of the gang fired at one of the Irish man, a battle for survival started. One move could get them shot…

It was all very tense and I found myself wincing every time there was a gun shot. I eventually got used to it as there were so many of them.

The whole film was a shoot-out and every move had a consequence along with a series of   responses and insults with the F word in. The language was very over exaggerated and not always to my taste.

I found that despite the situation they were in, they were able to crack a few jokes. Each gang and team member was the subject of many jokes and their stupid actions always got recognition at their expense. And despite all the violence, they even agreed that they would go for a beer together, they were even discussing where to go! Unfortunately they did not get to the pub, just a visit from the police instead.

The situation was definitely relaxed a bit near the end, when one of the men tried to escape in the van.  John Denvers, Annie’s Song was playing loudly; he was singing about mountains, walking in the rain and blue oceans, yet here they are shooting in a large warehouse. I just found the contrast very peculiar.

My Thoughts

It was louder and more violent than I expected, however I was transfixed. I found the film tense, surprising, jumpy, funny but in a good way.

I would say though that despite the entertaining plot, I would have not survived a shot in the head or being wounded for hours on end with no control of the bleeding. For the sake of the film, it was right as the film would not be half as good, if they all died of their one or two wounds one by one. In real life, this is inaccurate.

That’s what I think.. If you agree (or don’t agree) please let me know 🙂

Bye guys 🙂




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