Line of Duty S4 E2: Tensions were rising as the investigation into Operation Trapdoor continued!

We left the last episode with a cliff hanger. We were eager to find out what happened next!

We were not sure if we would see Huntley back in the office after the horrific memories of the night before and we feared that she was the dismembered body that they found in a lake. Luckily she wasn’t.

In this episode, we also saw Steve Arnott visit FI Tim’s house and find him dead. He was found in his home with a few missing fingers.  It was a shock to everyone.

As for DCI Huntley, she knew more about Tim than people thought. She had been to his house, she had confronted him about helping AC-12 and she had been attacked by him…. now he was dead and her DNA was at the scene. She did DNA swapping and made sure that she had no trace in that house. She could not get caught, otherwise everything she had worked towards would be gone.  Not only that, but she had his laptop and phone… major pieces of evidence that would be essential to the investigation. Huntley was on a thin thread and had to tread carefully.

My opinion of DCI Huntley is a bit like a yoyo. We left her on a floor at the end of episode 1, potentially a new victim to the notorious “Balaclava man” and now here she is waltzing around, claiming cases and lying through her teeth. She is like Marmite, you either like her or don’t.

We also looked looked into Micheal’s involvement, which was continued from the last episode. He was sure that he did not kill the victims or have any involvement. He was at Mossheath hospital that night and was kept in for the next few days, so how could he? His feet are also size 8, whilst the biometrics suggested that the killer was a size 10. Micheal was unfortunately faced with more evidence that suggested it was him and with a planting of his DNA on one of the bodies, he had little chance of being discounted.

Tensions were rising between Kate Fleming and Stephen Arnott. They both wanted to lead a case, however Stephen Abbot was more qualified, having had the Inspector qualification for longer. The frosty expression on Kate’s face said it all. The competition between them, in my opinion, is a bit petty and they should be happy for each other either way and put their personal issues behind them.

My Thoughts

The episode was very gripping and there was never a dull moment.

I was however blown away by how farfetched the DNA swapping was. As if a DCI would have time to swap evidence that quickly.  The episode started off great and then it got more unbelievable.

The way that Fleming and Arnott are acting was extremely concerning, especially as they work in such close proximity when investigating DCI Huntley. I fear that this will affect their relationship and the overall evidence they gather. It’s such a shame as I thought they were such a great team.

Lastly, I can’t help but feel sorry for Micheal Farmer. With what we saw last week in Tim’s bag, we can’t help but think that they have the wrong man. Yet he is trapped to a crime that he allegedly committed. I don’t normally feel sorry for the victim, but on this occasion I do.

Let me know what you thought of the episode. I would love to hear what you all think!


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